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Philip Cosson

01642 384175
Job title:
Senior Lecturer in Diagnostic Radiography
School of Health & Social Care
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Health & Social Care research

About Philip Cosson

Philip Cosson

Philip Cosson
Senior Lecturer in Diagnostic Radiography, School of Health & Social Care
T: 01642 384175
Research: Health & Social Care research

Phil completed the three-year Diploma of the College of Radiography at Greenwich in London in 1985.

He has worked in six different hospitals throughout a clinical career which has had several highlights. These include working alongside Sir Godfrey Hounsfield for a day, being one of the first Radiographers to generate a 'digital' CXR, and helping to launch cardiac angiography services in Middlesbrough.

Phil has been a member of the university since 1992 - working on the very first radiography degree course. He has also been a post graduate student here, gaining a teaching qualification and doctorate.

He was recognized as national 'learning technologist of the year, 2007' by the Association for Learning Technology for his work in computer simulation in education.

Phil is currently the elected representative of northern region radiography professionals on the national committee of the Society of Radiographers. His term will be ending in June 2019. He also holds a directorship and was co-founder of a public limited company involved in the medical simulation training.

He holds membership of the Health & Care Professions Council, Anatomy Society, Society and College of Radiographers, and British Institute of Radiology.

Research interests

Phil teaches and conducts research in the following specialist areas of practice:

Postgraduate Research supervision, diagnostic radiography (2007-present).

X-ray physics and optimization (2001-present).

The practice of projection radiography (2001-present).

Regional human anatomy (2001-Present).

Enterprise interests

Phil started work on developing a system for radiography education using computer simulations in 2001 on joining the university. His work with several collaborators led to the founding of a public limited company (Shaderware Ltd) with co-founder Neil Willis in 2006.

The North East Universities Business Planning Competition: Science and Technology Award, £5,000 (2007).

The North East Universities Business Planning Competition: Creativity and Design Award, £5,000 (2007).

Teesside University, Enterprise Development Fund Award: £4,996 (2005).

Teesside University, Learning and Teaching Research Fund Award:, £2,000 (2004).


Kranz, R., and Cosson, P. (2015) Anatomical and/or pathological predictors for the “incorrect” classification of red dot markers on wrist radiographs taken following trauma. British Journal of Radiology 2015; 87:20140503. DOI:

Williams, H., Widdowfield, M., and Cosson., P. (2014) The Radiographer's Multidisciplinary Team Role in Theatre Scenarios. Radiography DOI:

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Cosson, P., and Dash, R. (2014) A taxonomy of anatomical and pathological entities to support commenting on radiographs (preliminary clinical evaluation). Radiography DOI:

Titley, A.G., and Cosson, P. (2014) Radiographer use of anatomical side markers and the latent conditions affecting their use in practice. Radiography. DOI:

Warlow T., Walker-Birch, P., and Cosson, P. (2014) Gonad shielding in paediatric pelvic radiography: effectiveness and practice. Radiography. DOI:

Cosson, P., and Willis, R.N. (2012) Digital teaching library (DTL) development for radiography education. Radiography. DOI:

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