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Sarit Carlebach

01642 342968
Job title:
Research Fellow
School of Health & Social Care
Health & Social Care research

About Sarit Carlebach

Sarit is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Health and Social Evaluation (CHASE). She co-ordinates the evaluation research programme as well as carrying out evaluations. She has a degree in Health Sciences, an MSc in Evidence-based Public Health and an MSc in Information Technology.

Projects include a study focused on the views of palliative care patients and their carers about the services that they receive, and working with user controlled steering groups as part of a project evaluation of an alcohol service and the subsequent evaluation of the service. In addition Sarit worked on a project for the Department of Health exploring different approaches to informing parents and children about the outcome of height and weight measurements which are now undertaken as part of the National Child Measurement Programme and is currently evaluating lifestyle and weight management services across an English county.

Sarit has a strong interest in the impact different communication methods have on learning and behaviour change. She also has a particular interest in how research is translated into practice and communicated to staff, patients and members of the public. She is a strong advocate for ensuring that information for parents and the community is written plainly and appropriately.

Sarit has previously worked in health development with local SureStart programmes. As part of this post she was responsible for working with parents on creating health related information as a means of reducing health inequalities.

Sarit is currently undertaking a PhD entitled 'Understanding and implementing policy relating to end of life care in England'.

Research interests

Research interests
·  Public health
·  Evaluations of public health policy and practice
·  Palliative and end of life care
·  Knowledge translation
·  Health literacy
·  Policy creation
·  Health promotion

Current projects

·  Evaluation of tier 2 lifestyle weight management programmes across North Yorkshire County Council
·  Healthy workplace


Selected publications since 2008

Carlebach S, Wake D and Hamilton S (2011) Experiences of home detoxification for alcohol dependency. Nursing Standard, 26(10):41-47, Nov 9.

Riva M, Terashima M, Curtis SE, Shucksmith J and Carlebach S. (2011) Coalfield health effects: variation across former coalmining communities in England. Health & Place 17(2):588-597 doi:10.1016/j.healthplace.2010.12.016.

Carlebach S and Shucksmith J (2010) A review of an out of hours telephone support service for palliative care patients and their families. International Journal of Palliative Nursing, 16(9): 445-450.

Carlebach S & Hamilton S (2009) Understanding the nurse’s role in smoking cessation. British Journal of Nursing 18(11):672-676.

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