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Jonathan Robinson

01642 384950
Job title:
Senior Lecturer in Research Methods
School of Health & Social Care
Health & Social Care research

About Jonathan Robinson

Jonathan Robinson

Jonathan Robinson
Senior Lecturer in Research Methods, School of Health & Social Care
T: 01642 384950
Research: Health & Social Care research

Dr Jonathan Robinson is a Senior Lecturer in Research Methods at Teesside University.  He came to work within the HSCI following the completion of a BSc in Sports Therapy, an MSc in Physiotherapy, and a PhD in Rehabilitation.  Jonathan was awarded a Doctoral Scholarship within the University in 2009 and his PhD thesis is titled ' The Effects of Exergaming Technology on Postural Sway, User-Acceptance and Flow Experience in People with Multiple Sclerosis '. 

During his PhD Jonathan acted as a physiotherapy researcher on a number of research projects, investigating the effects of textured insoles in people with Multiple Sclerosis. 

Jonathan teaches research methods and statistical analysis across a range of clinical programmes such as nursing, radiography and physiotherapy, from BSc to Doctoral degrees.

Research interests

Jonathan's research interests are based around the relatively new concept of exergaming – the use of computer gaming technology as an exercise or rehabilitation tool. Through the completion of his PhD, these interests have extended out to clinical groups; specifically, people with Multiple Sclerosis.

Specifically, these include:

- Exergaming
- Virtual rehabilitation
- Exercise in Multiple Sclerosis
- Balance Training


Selected publications

Robinson, J., Dixon, J., Macsween, A., van Schaik, P., & Martin, D. (2015) The effects of exergaming on balance, gait, technology acceptance and flow experience in people with multiple sclerosis: a randomized controlled trial. BMC sports science, medicine and rehabilitation, 7(1), 8.

Baron, Y. J., Robinson, J., Gamesby-Iyayi, H., Hodgson, D., Hatton, D., Warnett, R., ... & Martin, D (2014)  Perceptions of people with multiple sclerosis on the effect and comfort of two different textured insoles: A qualitative study. International Journal of Therapy And Rehabilitation, 21(Sup7), S2-S2.

Dixon, J., Hatton, A. L., Robinson, J., Gamesby-Iyayi, H., Hodgson, D., Rome, K., ... & Martin, D. J. (2014) Effect of textured insoles on balance and gait in people with multiple sclerosis: an exploratory trial. Physiotherapy, 100(2), 142-149.

Robinson, J., Martin, D., van Schaik, P., Macsween, A., Dixon, J. (2013) The effects of Exergaming on postural stability, user-acceptance and flow in Multiple Sclerosis: a randomised controlled trial,32nd Physiotherapy Research Society Conference, Cardiff University, Wales, 6

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In the news

  • Wii Fit viable treatment for balance of people with Multiple Sclerosis
    Care Appointments, 07/05/2015; Click, 06/05/2015; Multiple Sclerosis, 08/05/2015; Northern Echo online, 08/05/2015; Northern Echo, 09/05/2015;, 09/05/2015
    Exercise through gaming or 'exergaming' could be a viable alternative to help people with Multiple Sclerosis live happier and more active lives, researchers at Teesside University have found.