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Liane Azevedo

01642 342988
Job title:
Senior Lecturer in Physical Activity and Public Health
School of Health & Social Care
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Health & Social Care research

About Liane Azevedo

Liane Azevedo

Liane Azevedo
Senior Lecturer in Physical Activity and Public Health, School of Health & Social Care
T: 01642 342988
Research: Health & Social Care research

Liane is a Senior Lecturer in Physical Activity and Public Health at Teesside University and a funded staff member of Fuse- Centre for Translational Research in Public Health. Before coming to Teesside Liane was a Lecturer at University of Worcester from 2005 to 2009. Liane has an MSc in exercise physiology from Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil and a PhD in biomechanics from University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Her main area of research is development and evaluation of interventions to promote physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviour in children. Liane is also interested in systematic reviews and is a review associate of the Teesside Centre for Evidence-based Practice an Affiliated Centre of The Joanna Briggs Institute. She works on different areas of exercise science including the effect of exercise on fluoride metabolism, novel teaching strategies in physical education lessons and physical activity and academic achievement. Liane is one of the leading members of the Physical Activity group in Fuse and a member of Physical Activity Strategy Group from Middlesbrough Local Authority.

Research interests

PhD supervision
- Nichols J.A. A comparison study of obesity measurements, lifestyle, behavioural and environmental factors in women of reproductive age females who live in areas of low deprivation and compared to areas of high deprivation in the North East of England
- Sajjad M. Fluoride (F) metabolism: The effect of physical activity in adult humans.
Almeida Santana C. Use of infographics in Family and Health Units: cognitive and behaviour impact in children.
- Macharia D. An Evaluation of ‘A Fairer Start’ 
- Almeida Santana C. (University of Pernambuco) Personal, cognitive, social and environmental determinants of physical activity in preschool children

PhD completions
- Taylor K. The development, implementation and evaluation of a school and community based high-intensity physical activity intervention and the impact of the intervention on metabolic syndrome risk markers and total daily physical activity levels in 13-15 year olds.
- Innerd A. Project EXCITE (EXercise Classes in the Teaching Environment):development and evaluation of an in-school physical activity intervention.

Research projects & external funding

  • The effect of physical activity on fluoride metabolism in sedentary children: a feasible study. UK Academies/CONFAP - Research Mobility [principal investigator].
  • The effect of sedentary behaviour interventions on body mass index and body composition in children: a meta-analysis and meta-regression. Fuse and Teesside University internal fund. [principal investigator].
  • Evaluability assessment for the North Yorkshire tier 2 weight child weight management programme. North Yorkshire County Council [co-investigator].
  • The development and evaluation of an 'exergaming' intervention to target cardiovascular and quality of life outcomes in a deprived area of the North-East. EPSRC - Research in the Wild [co-investigator].
  • Evaluation of the School Sport Partnership Dance Mat Scheme. Department of Public Health NHS Middlesbrough [co-investigator].
  • The development and implementation of an internet-based intervention to reduce sedentary behaviour in secondary schoolchildren in Redcar and Cleveland. School Sport Partnerships and Teesside University internal fund [co-investigator].
  • Effect of exercise on fluoride metabolism in adult humans. Teesside University internal fund [co-investigator].
  • Fluoride (F) metabolism/body F retention: Effects of host (genetic variation)and environment (F dose and exercise) factors. São Paulo Researchers in International Collaboration (SPRINT) [co-investigator].
  • Development of a fluoride assay methodology for plasma from capillary blood samples. The Borrow Foundation [co-investigator].

External research collaborations

  • Fuse University partners: University of Sunderland,  Newcastle University, Durham University, Northumbria University
  • University of Louisville
  • University of the State of Sao Paulo
  • University of Pernambuco
  • University of Sao Paulo


Selected publications since 2008

Zohoori, F. V., Innerd, A., Azevedo, L. B., Whitford, G. M., & Maguire, A. (2015). ‘Effect of exercise on fluoride metabolism in adult humans: a pilot study’. Scientific Reports, 5.

Azevedo, L. B., Watson, D. B., Haighton, C., Adams, J. (2014) ‘The effect of dance mat exergaming systems on physical activity and health-related outcomes in secondary schools: results from a natural experiment’. BMC Public Health. 2014; 14:951. 

Azevedo LB, Lambert MI, Zogaib PS, Barros Neto TL. (2010) ‘Maximal and submaximal physiological responses to adaptation to deep water running’. Journal of Sports Science. 2010; 28(4), 407-414.

Azevedo L.B., Lambert M., Vaughan C.L., O'Connor C and Schwellnus M.P. (2009) ‘Reduced muscle activity is associated with Achilles Tendinopathy in Runners’. British Journal of Sports Medicine. 2009; 43(4): 288-92. 

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