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Oladipo Idowu

01642 34-
Job title:
GRS Research Student
Research & Innovation Services
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About Oladipo Idowu

Oladipo Idowu

Oladipo Idowu
GRS Research Student, Research & Innovation Services
T: 01642 34-

Oladipo is currently a PhD student conducting research in area of Human Toxicology. He is assessing the acceptability and reliability of using biological markers (human tissues and fluid) for estimation of exposure to fluoride.

Oladipo obtained his Bachelor  in Environmental Science and Toxicology in the University of Agriculture Abeokuta Nigeria and a MSc Chemistry with specialization in Environmental Chemistry and Pollution Control in the University of Ibadan Nigeria. Oladipo lectured for 5 years in the Federal College of Wildlife Management, Nigeria. He has also worked as a Researcher in Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria before the commencement of his PhD. 

Research interests

Research interests

·  Environmental Monitoring and Pollution Control
·  Risk assessment of pollutants
·  Waste management and water quality
·  Biomarker development
·  Human Toxicology

Current Projects

Assessment of contemporary and recent biological marker of human exposure to fluoride


Selected publications

O. S. Idowu, S. O. Oni and A. A. Adejumo. 2011. Biosorption of Chromium VI from aqueous solution by biomass of plantain peel residue. African Journal of Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering and Sciences 3(1): 22-27.

Idowu O.S., Adeleye, A. O and Ayinla, O. (2012): Assessment of Poly aromatic hydrocarbon (PAHs) in soil of Kanji Lake National Park, Niger State Nigeria. Proceedings of 1st World Conference on applied Science and Technology (WOCAST) Oct 2-6th, 2012 held in University of Uyo, Nigeria. Book of Abstract, p 44. 

Idowu O.S., Adelakun K.M., Osaguona P.O., Ajayi J. 2013. Mercury contamination in artisanal gold mining area of Manyera River, Niger state Nigeria. E3 Journal of Environmental Research and Management 4(9): 0326-0333.

Idowu O. S., Onianwa, P.C. and Adesanya, T. 2015. Determination of some physicochemical parameters and trace metal contents of industrial effluents samples in Ibadan, Nigeria. Proceeding of the 1st Scientific Conference of Central and West African Region, Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), Jan 28-31st, 2015 held in University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State Nigeria. Book of Abstract, p32.