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Jane Johnson

01642 34-
Job title:
GRS Research Student
Research & Innovation Services

About Jane Johnson

Jane Johnson

Jane Johnson
GRS Research Student, Research & Innovation Services
T: 01642 34-

Jane is a Chartered Physiotherapist specializing in occupational health. She completed her physiotherapy training at Kings College London and her masters degree at City University where she looked at exercise and health behaviour, specifically the attitudes of primary school children to physical education. For many years she taught musculoskeletal anatomy and occasionally still teaches workshops on this subject using the specimens in the dissection room at Kings College London. 

Whilst working as an occupational health physiotherapist, Jane became interested in posture and the effects of posture not only with respect to the musculoskeletal system but with regards to emotion. Her basic textbooks on postural assessment, postural correction, therapeutic stretching and soft tissue therapies have been translated into many languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish and Italian and she has taught courses on these subjects in Taiwan, Japan and Turkey.

Research interests

Research interests (in brief)

·  Posture: the relationship between posture and pain; the relationship between posture and emotion; relationships between posture and work-related musculoskeletal conditions.
·  Creativity: idea generation; creative practices; creativity of entrepreneurs.
·  Museum studies: public engagement; enhancing use of museum collections.

Currents Projects

Jointly funded by The Royal College of Chiropractors and Teesside University to develop a smartphone APP for the assessment of posture. The APP will be used by chiropractors in a clinical setting to explore whether the posture of patients with back and neck pain changes as a result of chiropractic intervention, and whether there is a link between posture and patient reported outcome measures.


Selected publications

Johnson, J., 2015. Postural Correction. Human Kinetics.
Johnson, J., 2012. Postural Assessment. Human Kinetics.
Johnson, J., 2012. Therapeutic Stretching. Human Kinetics.
Johnson, J., 2011. Deep Tissue Massage. Human Kinetics.
Johnson, J., 2009. Soft Tissue Release, Human Kinetics.

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