Professor Denis Martin. Link to Professor Denis Martin.

Research: Professor Denis Martin

As a Professor of Rehabilitation, Denis Martin’s research focuses on the assessment and management of chronic pain.
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Professor Paul Crawshaw. Link to Professor Paul Crawshaw.

Research: Professor Paul Crawshaw

For Professor Paul Crawshaw risk and uncertainty is the key to understanding the world around us.
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Professor Zulf Ali. Link to Professor Zulf Ali.

Research: Professor Zulf Ali

Professor Zulfiqur Ali is the Dean of Teesside University’s Graduate Research School.
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Professor Maria Olea. Link to Professor Maria Olea.

Research: Professor Maria Olea

Originally from Transylvania, it comes as no surprise that scientist Maria Olea's passion is saving the environment.
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Professor Nigel Copsey. Link to Professor Nigel Copsey.

Research: Professor Nigel Copsey

‘All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.’
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Professor Nashwan Dawood. Link to Professor Nashwan Dawood.

Research: Professor Nashwan Dawood

Where there’s a building site...there’s Professor Nashwan Dawood.
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