Engineering sustainability

Sustainability of the built environment

The engineering sustainability theme focuses on the sustainability of the built environment.

There is a particular emphasis on the use of information and communication technology for building information management and modelling and for visualisation of construction processes.

This work helps to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, both during their operation and throughout their entire life-cycle. TFI researchers took a leading role in the European research project, IntUBE (Intelligent Use of Buildings Energy information), to increase the life-cycle energy efficiency of buildings without compromising user comfort, through integration of the latest information technology.

Renewable energy generation capacity coupled to highly efficient built environments makes possible energy positive neighbourhoods – places which produce more power than they need. The new European project, IDEAS, illustrates how communities, public authorities and utility companies across the EU can be engaged in the development and operation of energy positive neighbourhoods. The project will demonstrate how energy positive neighbourhoods can be cost effectively and incrementally implemented.

By developing neighbourhood energy management tools and engaging user interfaces, together with decision support tools for urban planning and creative business models, end users, public authorities and utility companies will become actively engaged in making energy positive neighbourhoods a reality.

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