Measurement and control systems

Research in measurement and control systems

The activity within the Measurement and Control Systems theme centres on the applications of intelligent algorithms in systems control, advanced chemical analysis technologies, and process flow measurement in challenging environments.

Research into dependable, real-time embedded control systems, such as those found in aircraft and automotive control systems, medical devices and robots, is a particular focus. Using state of the art research facilities, TFI scientists are investigating the behaviour of these embedded systems in a controlled manner.

This work includes a novel hardware-in-the-loop real-time simulation of a passenger vehicle travelling down a busy three-lane motorway analysing embedded automotive control systems (such as adaptive-cruise-control) under various normal and abnormal operating conditions.

Another significant research area within this theme is the application of fuzzy logic and neural-fuzzy models to medical physics, for example, the application of neural networks and neural-fuzzy modelling in continuous, non-invasive blood gas predictions in intensive care patients with breathing difficulties.

Dr Tim Thompson, together with Dr Meez Islam, is investigating novel analytical methods to determine the context of burning from skeletal remains, a challenging requirement in forensic and archaeological analysis. This work has investigated burned bones from a range of contexts, including the exploration of past funerary customs.

Teesside has long-standing experience and expertise in technology development measuring the flow of fuel in power stations to enhance the efficiency and reduce the environmental burden of power generation.

Members of measurement and control systems