IDEAS "Intelligent Neighbourhood Energy Allocation & Supervision" is an R&D project supported by the European Commission, focused on the development and operation of energy positive neighbourhoods (EPNs). In addition, IDEAS will focus on the economic and environmental benefits of doing so.


In Energy Positive Neighbourhoods the annual energy demand is lower than the energy supply from local renewable energy sources. The IDEAS project aims to develop and validate the technologies and business models required for the cost effective and incremental rollout of EPNs. The tools, user interfaces and business models developed will underpin the incremental rollout of EPNs at the demonstration sites: part of a University campus in Bordeaux, France and a newly built residential area in Porvoo, Finland. The neighbourhood energy management tool will enable intelligent energy trading and operation of equipment and buildings along with local energy generation and storage. IDEAS aims to illustrate how communities, public authorities and utility companies across the EU can be engaged in the development and operation of EPNs.

IDEAS gathers eight organisations from Europe and beyond from 4 different major domains: ICT, Construction & buildings, Energy and Territories. These organisations: companies, research centres, universities (including Teesside University) or cities have interest in energy efficiency at different scales. The neighbourhood energy management tool will be tested on two partner sites in France and Finland.

Project Duration: 3 Years
Project Start: November 2012
Academic Lead: Dr Tracey Crosbie
Funding: €2,676,272

This project is funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement 600071.

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