PYROlysis based process to convert small WWTP sewage sludge into useful bioCHAR


The PYROCHAR project aims to assist local and regional governments across Europe to turn sewage sludge into re-usable charcoal and gas. The PYROCHAR project is supported by a strong consortium of SMEs and research centres dedicated to the design and development of a process to convert sewage sludge into useful biochar and synthetic gas. This decentralised technology will enable the management of sludge directly within small wastewater treatment plants for an affordable initial investment. As well as decreasing total sludge volume, the on-site sludge treatment technology will reuse the calorific power of the sludge to fuel its own system, making the overall system highly energy efficient. Finally, useful nutrients such as nitrate, phosphorus or potassium will not be lost during the process, but will be trapped in stable by-products, the biochar, with high economic value for end users. The project is being led by E.T.I.A, based in France.

Project Duration: 24 Months
Project Start: November 2013
Academic Leads: Professor Maria Olea & Dr Chris Ennis
Funding: €1,140,000

This project is funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme FP7-SME-2013 under grant agreement 603394.

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