Research students

Technology Futures Institute

Postgraduate tutor (research)
Dr Zhang Jian Yong

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We value our postgraduate research students and the important role they play in the TFI research culture. The School of Science, Engineering & Design postgraduate tutor supports students, both full and part time, in their progression through their studies. Postgraduate research students affiliated to the Institute attend, and contribute to, the various research group seminars and events as well as presenting their work at the annual research conference.

Mohamed Abdalla

Optimisation and measurement of two-phase flow.

Fathi Abugchem

Towards a better understanding of the impact of software and system architecture on performance and dependability in real-time control systems.

Elhashmi M Abujaafar

Development of microreactors for sustainability.

Salah Eddin Ramadan Abuzaid

Relief material for construction in disaster affected areas.

Ahmad Al Kanani

To develop and evaluate a framework for sustainability adoption at the design phase for the Saudi construction industry.

Ali Al Kunie

Computational Analysis of the Fatigue in Welded Steel Structures.

Riyadh Hamid Jebur Al-Allaq

Catalytic conversion of plastic waste into useful materials in supercritical water media.

Osama Alaskari

Development of a model for implementation of lean operations in system integrated organisations.

Abdullah Albogamy

Risk management application in the Saudi construction industry.

Eid Mohammed M Algarni

Identifying factors influencing urban land sub-division and layout design on land prices: A case study in the city of Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Abdelaziz Abushafah A Ali

Manufacturing of low cost and functional microfluidic devices.

Mostafa Ali B Almdaaf

The application of novel cavity based spectroscopic techniques for HPLC detection at UV wavelengths.

Sheeraz Naeem Ashraf

Technical and economic viability of biofuel production.

Abayomi Olusegun Babatunde

Microfluidic device with highly sensitive absorption detection and sophisticated fluidic manipulation.

Naser Massoud Bazina

The Effect of Water from Raw Food on Oil Degradation and Hydrolysis.

Samuel James Cadd

An investigation into the chemical composition of fingerprints.

Pramodh Kumar Chirra

Study of the reaction kinetics of formaldehyde with methyl propionate on modified silica catalysts

Nasima Sultana Chowdhury

Effect of probiotics on the regulation of the inducible nitric oxide synthase (INOS) pathway in cultured cells.

Popi Chrysostomou

Methodological approaches for sorting commingled remains.

Abdel Naser Dawud

Manufacture of a Disposable Microfluidic Chip for Diagnostics.

Luke Dennis

Investigating phosphorus absorption of water treatment sludge.

Sarah Ellingham

The advanced analysis of burned bone from forensic and archaeological contexts.

David Errickson

The application of surface scanning to the forensic anthropological context.
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Kyprianos Georgiou

Investigation of fingerprint development techniques.

Mangesh Narsingrao Gharfalkar

Resource Efficient Manufacturing.
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Shaikh Abdul Hamid

Chemical and biochemcial aspects of seed dormancy and recalcitrance in hazel nut (CORYLUS AVELLANA L).

Adam Hunt

Thermal Modelling and Plant-based studies to develop Fluoride-free Mould Powders for Continuous casting of steel.
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Emmanuel Okechukwu Iro

Elimination of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) by catalytic oxidation at low temperatures.

Aparna Jaya Padman

Biotechnological approaches for processing of electronic materials and devices.

Temilade Adebukola Ladokun

Stress analysis and material optimisation of pressure vessel.

Mahaytaban Mahaytaban

Hydrogen production from Algal Bio-diesel by-product Glycerol via steam reforming (SR) in the presence of Nickel/SNA-15 Catalyst.

Haitham Mansour

Optimisation of Oilwells Production.

Blessing S. C. Mbachu

Thermally stable organic-inorganic hybrid coating materials for high temperature insulation.

Martin McKie

Research and development of a sustainable technology improvement model for the foundry industry.

Desmond McMenamin

Design of New Model for Evaluating and Implementing of Quality Strategy at the Automotive Manufacturing Sectors.

Barry Moore

Experimental characterization and parametric computer modelling of a spray paint deposition process.

Hanan Auda Naif

To investigate novel applications of broadband cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy (BBCEAS) to the study of both liquid phase and solid phase species.

Yashaswini Seenappanahalli Nanjundaiah

The influence of cell free probiotic supernatant on bacterial macrophage interactions.

Sanita Nezirovic

The scientific and social implications of mass graves investigations and misidentified victims in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Thana Majid Noor

Establishing a culture bank of a halophilic actinomycetes that attenuate heavy metal contaminated waste waters.

MaryJane Ayisha Obah

A general approach for the selection and design of three phase separators.

Sunday Odiba

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for micro-reactors used in environmental application by COMSOL and HYSYS.

Chris Obinna Ogwumike

Computational intelligence based decision support system for dynamic energy scheduling, optimization and control in smart grids.

Paschal Nwachukwu Okafor

Nanostructural carbon based composites as supercapacitor electrode materials for energy storage.

Ayodeji Olufisayo Olakanye

Microbial forensics: the application to grave location.

Hadi Parvizi

Hydraulic fracturing modelling and process optimisation in tight gas reservoirs.
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Joao Luis Mendes da Luz Patacas

Visual, multi-user, real-time and interactive environments for workforce training on H&S issues on construction site; new methods for assessing safety risks at the design and planning stage by coupling BIM technologies with game engine technologies.

Kiran Piduru

The surface properties of acid-base catalysts for the reaction between formaldehyde and methyl propionate to form methyl methacrylate.

Ahmad Rafiq

Efficient catalysts for CO2 conversion into crabamates for polyurethene synthesis.

Edvinas Rasys

Leveraging the application of 3D-web technology for visualising engineering data in planning and maintenance systems.

Saifaddeen A O Sallam

Predictive Productive Modelling for Increasing Productivity of Oil Wells.

Christian Josef Uhl

Methodological approach for the development of a purchasing strategy with integrated variance-analysis and optimization at the automobile supplier industry.

Priscilla Ulguim

Understanding the funerary practice of cremation in the southern Brazilian highlands: A study regarding the application of advanced analytical methods and techniques in archaeological contexts.

Chibuzo Iheyinwa Uzoigwe

Optimization of biosurfactant production by non-pathogenic bacteria from environmental samples.

Kapile Manjula Warnakulasuriya

Parametric Design of Transformers and Inductors Subjected to Higher Order Harmonies of Significant Amplitudes.