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Paul Denison

01642 34-
Job title:
Principal Lecturer (International)
School of Science, Engineering & Design
Science, Engineering and Design research

About Paul Denison

Paul Denison

Paul Denison
Principal Lecturer (International), School of Science, Engineering & Design
T: 01642 34-
Research: Science, Engineering and Design research

Paul graduated with a degree in Modern Languages and European studies (French, History and Politics) from LSU College in Southampton in 1983. Having developed personal interests in the History of Design, he started his own business dealing in 19th and 20th century design objects. Between 1990 and 1992 he completed the prestigious Royal College of Art / Victoria and Albert Museum joint History of Design Masters programme, specialising with a study into French Modernism in the post-second world war period. Since 1992 Paul has been a tutor with responsibility Design History and Material Culture on a range of courses including the BA (Hons) Product Design courses at Teesside University.

Paul's portfolio also includes International Recruitment and Collaboration. As part of this he works closely with international partners to foster relationships which allow the mobility of Teesside students towards international destinations, and which encourage international students to study at Teesside. As part of this, he works with senior colleagues and peers in the school to implement strategies to deliver transnational education and to internationalise the curriculum.

Paul's teaching experience ranges over some 20 years. In this time he has delivered lectures and seminars at Prague College in the Czech Republic, Tsinghua University and Suzhou Institute of Art and Design Technology in China. In November 2013 Paul ran a joint design project entitled Design for our Future Selves with the Suzhou Institute of Art and Design Technology. This was designed to encourage internationalisation of the curriculum and for design students to think about cross-cultural design solutions for an ageing population.

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Research interests

Paul's academic interests are wide-ranging. He recently helped to form (and is Chair of) the Christopher Dresser Society, in recognition of the contribution of the renowned Victorian designer to the History of Middlesbrough. He organised the first Christopher Dresser Symposium in 2013 and is in the planning stages of a Middlesbrough wide Dresser Festival in the summer of 2015.

Paul's other significant specialism is in the field of Sustainable Design theory. He has presented papers at a number of UK and International conferences including the Changing the Change conference in Turin (July 2008) and co-edited a special issue of the Design Philosophy Papers dealing with the role of design historical writing in the context of the sustainability debate. In 2013 he presented his most recent research on 'Design History, Connoisseurship and Sustainability: Object Lessons and Collecting as Learning Tools for Designers' at the EKSIG /Design Research Society conference at Loughborough University.


Publication / Research in Progress/ Book reviews: 

'Craft as Art: St Ives through the Lens of Bernard Leach', in Denison, P., Matson, S., Smith R., Stephens, C., White, M. Modern Art and St.Ives: International exchanges 1915-1965, Tate Publishing, 2014.

Tony Fry, Design Futuring:  Sustainability, Ethics and New Practice, Berg, 2008 and Alastair Fuad-Luke, Design Activism: Beautiful Strangeness for a Sustainable World, Earthscan, 2009. Journal of Design History, 2011. 

November 2009 and January 2010 guest co-editor of 2 special issues of the Journal Design Philosophy Papers on the subject of the Role of History in Sustainable Design Education. 

Book Review: Michael Whiteway, (ed.) ‘Christopher Dresser: A Design Revolution’, V&A Publications, 2004, in Journal of Design History, Oxford Journals, Vol.18, No. 4, 2005. 

Book Review: Leora Auslander ‘Taste and Power: Furnishing Modern France’, in, Journal of Design History, 1996. 

Conference papers:

2013 PedRIO Conference: Internationalisation and the Student Experience, Plymouth University, November 2013. Paper presentation, ‘Designing for Our Future Selves: The Joint Project as the Basis for Internationalisation of the Curriculum’. 

2013 EKSIG Conference, Loughborough, Design Research Society, July 2013. Paper presentation and 5000 word essay, ‘Design History, Connoisseurship and Sustainability: Object Lessons and Collecting as Learning Tools for Designers’.

2011 HEA/UKCISA Conference, Warwick University, Internationalisation of Pedagogy and Curriculum in Higher Education, June 2011. Paper presentation, ‘A Visual and Interactive Handbook for International Students’.

2011 DEEDS Conference, Brighton University, 360 degrees – Charting New Territory in Sustainable Design Education. Paper presentation, ‘Design for Sustainable Futures:  Programme Development and Institutional Change’. 

2009 Changing the Change Conference, Turin, July 2009. Paper presentation, ‘Histories and Utopias: Learning from Les Modernistes’.

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