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Farhad Nabhani

01642 342482
Job title:
Professor (Research)
School of Science, Engineering & Design
Science, Engineering and Design research

About Farhad Nabhani

Farhad Nabhani

Farhad Nabhani
Professor (Research), School of Science, Engineering & Design
T: 01642 342482
Research: Science, Engineering and Design research

Professor Farhad Nabhani's research interests include:

·  biomechanics
·  designing mechanicals aids
·  effect of flooring in reducing hip fractures
·  developing novel mechanical test rigs for hips, spines lumbers and patella bones
·  creating 3D computer models of bones and stress analysis using FE methods
·  manufacturing systems and design process.
·  ERP implementations, benchmarking, materials process technology
·  lean manufacturing,
·  Supply chain management and Six Sigma

Research interests

Research projects

·  Stockton Casting Ltd, KTP (2006-08) - Upgrade business efficiency by implementing improved operational systems and castings design capability to achieve sustainable capacity and sales increases in existing and future markets.

·  Direct Line Supply Ltd, KTP (2004-06) - To improve the company's warehousing management and logistics performance, efficiency and thus overall competitiveness through benchmarking, profitability analysis and continuous performance measurement based upon both qualitative and quantitative metrics.

·  Thermal Transfer Ltd, KTP (2003-05) - Implementation of ERP system within SME incorporating lean manufacturing techniques to improve efficiency and minimise waste.
·  Hedley Purvis Ltd, KTP (2002-04) - The development of a more efficient and cost
effective manufacturing operation and development of a culture of continuous improvement.

Research grants

·  Stockton Casting Ltd, KTP (2006) - £99,044
·  Plastid Design Solution (2006) - £1,500
·  Direct Line Supply, KTP (2004) - £99,000
·  Thermal Transfer Ltd, KTP (2003) - £99,000
·  Hedley Purvis Limited, student case award (2003) - £30,000
·  Bahrain National Gas Company student case award (2002) - £30,000
·  Hedley Purvis Limited, KTP (2002) - £99,000
·  Research into Ageing, Dryburn Hospital (2000) - £10,000
·  Audi Foundation (1999) - £3,400
·  Plastic Design Solution Ltd, case award (1997) - £15,000
·  Wishbone Foundation, Medical Research (1994) - £15,000
·  International Foundation For Water Science and Technology, Government of UAE (1993) - £42,000
·  HEFCE Research student (1993) - £30,000

PhD supervision
Professor Nabhani is Director of Studies on a doctoral project being offered in the Technology Futures Institute and would like to encourage applications from prospective students. Please submit an application online, or for further information, contact Professor Nabhani directly.