About the Social Sciences, Humanities & Law research

Social Sciences, Humanities & Law research environment

The School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Law, conducts internationally excellent research on contemporary social issues.

We are a multi-disciplinary School committed to tackling some of the important current societal challenges through interdisciplinary work, enabling greater knowledge exchange and research opportunities within and beyond the social sciences.

Our research interests are wide-ranging and include the disciplines of social policy, criminology and criminal justice, sociology, business, youth studies and education, sport and exercise science and psychology.

Our collaborations range from partnerships with major universities and international agencies around the world, to working with local policy makers and practitioners. Our staff have secured external grant funding from sources including the British Academy; European Commission; Joseph Rowntree Foundation; UK Research Councils (EPSRC; ESRC) as well as a range of other regional, national and international partners.

Our core objectives are to:

  • conduct internationally excellent research in the social sciences and disseminate findings
  • conduct research that has demonstrable cultural, economic and social impact
  • further knowledge and inform and shape debates relevant to contemporary social issues and policy.

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The School structure

News and events

We run a weekly seminar research series throughout the year, and host an annual conference. For details please see

The research interests of our members are wide-ranging and the School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Law hosts two research centres and four research units in fields across the social sciences:

  • Gender Diversity & Social Inequalities
  • Law, Social Justice & Human Rights
  • Identity, Practice & Policy in Education across the life-course
  • Health, Behaviour & Relationships
  • Physical Activity & Health
  • The Social Significance of Sport
  • Transformational Change in Leadership
  • Centre for Fascist, Anti Fascist and Post Fascist Studies – History
  • Centre for Regional and Local Historical Research
  • Centre for Irish History