The People’s Game? Contemporary Challenges in Football Cultures

07 September 2018
Public event:
9.30AM - 4.30PM
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The People’s Game? Contemporary Challenges in Football Cultures

Known as the ‘people’s game’, no other sport has captured the public imagination in quite the same way as Association Football. On the surface, it’s exciting. It delivers entertainment, helps to forge identities, provides children with dreams of glory, and it affords adults a sense of belonging. It provides jobs, improves health, and instils confidence and ethical values. Viewed in this way, football, with its global and seemingly classless appeal, contributes positively to social life. However, this narrative often overshadows more controversial aspects of football and detracts attention from the important social, cultural and economic challenges ahead.

Bringing together social science researchers and football practitioners this conference will examine some of the contemporary challenges facing the ‘people’s game’ and will explore opportunities to address these challenges.

Please see conference programme link above.

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