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Professor Rob MacDonald. No such thing as Benefits Street – says Teesside University researcher
12 September 2014
The idea of ‘welfare ghettos’ with whole streets where nobody works has been exposed as a myth in a new publication by a Teesside University academic.

Daniel Eaves, Senior Lecturer in Motor Learning and Sport Psychology Mind over matter for sports stars seeking success
22 July 2014
As two Teesside University students launch their bid for medals at the Commonwealth Games, an academic says it is psychological skills as well as physical ability which are the key to success.

Professor Simon Winlow Riots were not political and will happen again – warns Teesside academic
18 June 2014
It is just a matter of time before the country sees another wave of riots akin to those in 2011 – a Teesside University criminologist has warned.

Researchers to investigate the payday loans market
13 May 2014
The lifestyles of people who take out payday loans and the consequences of such lending are being examined by researchers at Teesside University.

Rob McCusker, Reader in Fraud and Financial Crime New standard can help organisations prevent procurement fraud
07 April 2014
A Teesside University academic is part of a team of experts who have developed an initiative to tackle multi-billion pound fraud.

Sally Thomas (left) and Beth Danby (right). Partnership measures value of giving
26 February 2014
North Star Housing Group and Teesside University have partnered up for a project that measures the value of giving.

Professor Steve Hall. Teesside University to tackle deliberate fire setting
24 February 2014
Researchers at Teesside University are working with Cleveland Fire Brigade to try and reduce the number of incidents of deliberate fire setting.

Teesside academic's research referenced by NASA
24 September 2013
NASA has referenced pioneering research by a Teesside University academic as part of its investigations into how astronauts adapt to unusual sensory conditions, such as the switch between gravity and weightlessness.

Welfare reforms could cost region £380m a year
18 September 2013
Academics from Teesside University have taken part in a study which found the Government’s welfare reforms could cost the region £380m a year.

Pictured are Steve Hall, left and Simon Winlow, right. New centre to develop criminology research at Teesside University
09 September 2013
Crime figures have significantly declined in the last decade but a new research centre to be launched at Teesside University is warning against complacency saying crime isn’t going away – rather, it’s mutating

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