Financing of organised crime activities (FINOCA)

Funded by the European Commission, this project addresses the under researched issue of the mechanisms and sources of financing for organised crime. Greater understanding of this issue can provide critical insights into how organised criminal networks operate.

There are many illicit markets such as excisable goods, trafficking in human beings, counterfeiting of currency, credit card fraud, trafficking in stolen vehicles, where no systematic research has been undertaken in regards to the financial flows that enable criminal networks to enter certain markets and to fund their ongoing activities.

This project examines:

  • the various forms of financing, and the criminal structures behind financing in EU Member States
  • the relations between criminal networks and legitimate financial institutions
  • the preventive impact of targeting financiers of organised crime
  • cross-financing related to terrorism
  • forms of financing organised crime outside the EU
  • the broader social issue of 'loan sharks', who not only victimise vulnerable communities, but are often a source of criminal capital.