Developing expertise against the online trade of fake medicines by producing and disseminating knowledge, counterstrategies and tools across the EU


Dr Georgios Antonopoulos, Professor in Criminology, is a partner in a project awarded from the European Commission's Prevention & Fight Against Crime programme. Led by the University of Trento, Italy, this project seeks to develop expertise in the online trade of counterfeit medicines, and develop strategies for the detection of illegal online pharmacies.

The aim of the project is to develop expertise in tackling the trade of fake medicine through the Internet. It will do this by:

  • developing in-depth knowledge of this criminal market, through innovative methods
  • producing counterstrategies and tools (including an ICT tool) to disrupt such a trade, based on this knowledge
  • disseminating knowledge, counterstrategies and tools to relevant stakeholders across the EU.

More details about the Fakecare project