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Georgios Papanicolaou

01642 738162
Job title:
Reader in Criminology
School of Social Sciences, Business & Law
Social Sciences, Business & Law research

About Georgios Papanicolaou

Georgios Papanicolaou

Georgios Papanicolaou
Reader in Criminology, School of Social Sciences, Business & Law
T: 01642 738162
Research: Social Sciences, Business & Law research

Georgios Papanicolaou is Reader in Criminology at Teesside University UK. He has studied law and penal sciences at the University of Athens, Greece and Criminology at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Georgios has worked at Teesside since 2008 and has been actively involved in research and teaching since, while currently he is also responsible for the coordination of the undergraduate criminology programmes.

His research interests include the political economy of policing and the social organisation and regulation of illicit markets, particularly in a transnational context. His published work has been particularly concerned with the historical development and present state of policing in Greece, as well as the configuration and policing of dirty economies in that country, particularly in light of their connection with human smuggling and trafficking. His book 'Transnational policing and sex trafficking in Southeast Europe: policing the imperialist chain' was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2011.

Georgios would welcome applications from potential PhD candidates aiming to conduct theoretical and empirical research relating to the above topics.


Selected publications

Papageorgiou, I., & Papanicolaou, G. (2012). Theorising the prison industrial complex. In S. Winlow & R. Atkinson (Eds.), New directions in crime and deviancy (pp. 71-84). London: Routledge.

Antonopoulos, G. A., & Papanicolaou, G. (2009). Gone in 50 seconds: the social organisation of the stolen car market in Greece. In P. C. van Duyne, S. Donati, M. Amir, & K. von Lampe (Eds.), Crime, money and criminal mobility in Europe (pp. 141-174). Nijmegen: Wolf Legal Publishers.

Papanicolaou, G. (2008). The sex industry, human trafficking and the global prohibition regime: a cautionary tale from Greece. Trends in Organised Crime, 11(4), 379-409. 

Papanicolaou, G. (2006). Greece. In T. Jones & T. Newburn (Eds.), Plural policing: a comparative perspective (pp. 77-97). London: Routledge.

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