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Gosia Ciesielska

01642 342912
Job title:
Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management
Teesside University Business School
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Teesside University Business School

About Gosia Ciesielska

Gosia Ciesielska

Gosia Ciesielska
Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management, Teesside University Business School
T: 01642 342912
Research: Teesside University Business School

Malgorzata Ciesielska holds a PhD in Organisation and Management Studies from Copenhagen Business School and a MSc in Business Management and Marketing degree with distinction from Warsaw University, Poland.  Before joining Teesside Business School in April 2012, she was a Research Associate and part-time Lecturer at Newcastle University.

Dr Ciesielska has previously worked at several universities in Europe, including Warsaw University, Poland, Växjö University, Sweden and Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. She used to teach various undergraduate, graduate and MBA courses, in particular organisational behaviour and critical management theories, cross-cultural and international management, and a qualitative research methodology. 

Prior to her academic career, Dr Ciesielska was a consultant on data protection in pharmaceutical industry and diversity management. In 2003-2005 she held a position of EU Coordinator in pharmaceuticals in the Polish Ministry of Health. 

Currently, she is responsible for DBA programme in the Teesside University Business School and acts as Business UoA REF Lead. Her research interests range from digital economy, strategy, innovation to gender and HRM in high tech industry.

Research interests

Innovation and management in high tech organisations, are Dr Ciesielska’s main research focus. Her doctoral dissertation looked at the case of NOKIA corporation and their open source strategy.  Dr Ciesielska spend over two years following NOKIA’s actions within two Open Source Software projects: Linux-based GNOME and Maemo (currently Intel’s MeeGo), which enabled her to gain in-depth knowledge about the nature of the software business and open source innovation challenges. To analyse an emerging hybrid business model in between two institutional arrangements (market and open source), three themes were taken into account: knowledge management, trust and internal identity struggle between being an open and close-mode company. 

Between 2010-2012 she was part of Social Inclusion through the Digital Economy ( project investigating smart home business cases in the connected home industry. Dr Ciesielska has also undertaken research in entrepreneurial processes in SMEs. 

Currently Dr Ciesielska is involved in Creative Fuse North East project ( looking at creative, digital and tech sectors to drive innovation and growth of the region’s economy.

At the moment she is also preparing a book Qualitative Research in Organization Studies: New Approaches, Methods and Possibilities in collaboration with Prof Dariusz Jemielniak (eds) to be published later this year by Palgrave.

She has supervised 3 research students to completion and is currently involved in supervising the following PhD students: 

• Mohammed Alarefi (PhD, Open innovation) 
• Alistair Bowden (PhD, Hybrid organization in heritage sector) 
• Thouraya Eshami (PhD, Leadership in higher education) 
• David Norris (DBA, Innovation strategies)
• Qi Xu (PhD, Strategy in global value chain)
• Zoulika Lamamra (PhD, Advertising and local identity)
• Elisavet Manoli (PhD, Integrated marketing Communication)
• Emmanuel Ojeme (PhD, Community involvement in local government)

Enterprise interests

• Smart homes
• Open Source Software Management
• Mobile industry
• Open business models
• Hybrid organisations
• Entrepreneurship
• Diversity management


Selected publications:

Iskoujina, Z.; Ciesielska, M.; Roberts, J.; Li, F. (2017) 'Grasping the Business Value of Online Communities.' Journal of Organizational Change Management 30 (4), in press

Ciesielska, M. (2016) 'A review of Jemielniak, D. (2014) Common Knowledge? An Ethnography of Wikipedia' Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management; 11 (1): 84-86

Bowden, A. & Ciesielska M. (2016) 'Ecomuseums as Cross-Sector Partnerships: Similarities and Dissimilarities in their Governance, Strategy and Leadership.' Public Money and Management 36(1), pp.23-30.

Ciesielska, M. & Westenholz, (2016) 'Dilemmas within commercial involvement in Open Source Software.' Journal of Organizational Change Management 29(3).

Bowden, A. & Ciesielska, M. (2014) 'Accretion, angst and antidote: the transition from knowledge worker to manager in the UK heritage sector in an era of austerity.' In: Jemielniak, D. (Ed) The Laws of the Knowledge Workplace: Changing Roles and the Meaning of Work in Knowledge-Intensive Environments. Gower/Ashgate.

Ciesielska, M. & Petersen, G. (2013) 'Boundary object as a trust buffer. The study of an open source code repository.' Tamara Journal for Critical Organization Inquiry; Vol. 11(3); pp. 5-14.

Westenholz, A. (ed.), Brinker, B., Gundelach, P. & Ciesielska, M. (2012) The Janus face of commercial Open Source Software communities. Copenhagen Business School Press.

Ciesielska, M. & Iskoujina, Z. (2012) 'Trust as a success factor in open innovation. The case of Nokia and Gnome.' In: Jemielniak, D. and Marks, A. (Eds) Managing Dynamic Technology-Oriented Business: High-Tech Organizations and Workplaces. Information Science Reference 2012.

Ciesielska, M. & Li, F. (2011) 'The connected home: From market barriers to business model Solutions.' In: T. Skersys et al. (Eds) IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technologies, 353, IFIP International Federation for Information Processing, Springer, pp. 189-199.

Ciesielska, M. (2010) Hybrid organisations. A case of the Open Source-business setting. Frederiksberg: Copenhagen Business School Press.

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