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Simon Winlow

01642 342316
Job title:
Professor of Criminology
School of Social Sciences, Business & Law
Social Sciences, Business & Law research

About Simon Winlow

Simon Winlow

Simon Winlow
Professor of Criminology, School of Social Sciences, Business & Law
T: 01642 342316
Research: Social Sciences, Business & Law research

Simon Winlow is the author of Badfellas: Crime, Tradition and New Masculinities (2001, Berg) and co-author of Bouncers: Violence and Governance in the Night-time Economy (2003, Oxford University Press), Violent Night: Urban Leisure and Contemporary Culture (2006, Berg), Criminal Identities and Consumer Culture: Crime, Exclusion and the New Culture of Narcissism (2008, Willan), Rethinking Social Exclusion: The End of the Social? (2013, Sage), Revitalizing Criminological Theory: Towards a New Ultra-Realism (2015, Routledge) and Riots and Political Protest: Notes from the Post-Political Present (2015, Routledge). 2016 will see the publication of Rise of the Right: The EDL and the Transformation of Working-Class Politics (Policy). He is also the co-editor of New Directions in Criminological Theory (2012, Routledge) and New Directions in Crime and Deviancy (2012, Routledge).
With Steve Hall, Winlow founded and directed the Teesside Centre for Realist Criminology between 2013-2015. He is currently the director of the British Society of Criminology's Critical Criminology Network.

Research interests

Simon is happy to discuss all possible postgraduate applications in the fields of sociology or criminology. You can contact him at

He tweets at @winlow_s

In the news

  • SoFI Seminar Series: Just violent racist whites: Looking inside the English Defence League
    Gazette Live - Online, 08/10/2014
    Professor Simon Winlow, Teesside University, chairs the SoFI Seminar Series.

  • Riots will hit again claims academic
    Evening Gazette, 19/06/14, P.39; Gazette Live - Online, 19/06/14
    Riots similar to those which swept the country three years ago will happen again, a Teesside academic has warned.

  • Criminology at Teesside
    Professional Security (Web), 19/09/2013
    Teesside’s new Centre for Realist Criminology launched on September 13 at Teesside University and featured realist criminologist Prof Elliott Currie from the University of California. Professors Simon

  • Getting to the root of the problem
    The Journal (Newcastle Upon Tyne), 16/09/2013
    A new centre at Teesside University has been set up to research how we think about crime and is expected to open a can of worms with its controversial approach to the subject.

  • Crime is changing
    BBC Radio Tees, Ali Brownlee, 13/09/2013
    Report from the launch of Teesside University's Centre for Realist Criminology.

  • Expect more rioting, say Teesside criminologists, concerned at growing public hostility
    Northern Echo (Web), 09/09/2013, Northern Echo (North Edition), 10/09/2013
    Academics from Teesside University's new Centre for Realist Criminology claim that many people are angry and feel their views are not represented within our "banal" political system and we should expe

  • Falling crime figures 'are misleading'
    The Observer, 25/08/2013, p.16; The Observer, 25/08/2013, p.18; (Web), 25/08/2013; Gulf News (Web), 26/08/2013
    Although data suggests crime figures have significantly declined in the last decade, two academics say life on Britain's streets is not as rosy as it is being painted. Professors Simon Winlow and Stev

  • Professor back at University
    Darlington & Stockton Times (Cleveland), 20/07/2012, p.6
    Professor Simon Winlow, whose research specialises in violent crime and criminal identity, has returned to Teesside University to join the Social Futures Research Institute as a Professor of Criminolo

  • Teesside University comment - 5 min extract
    BBC Radio Tees, John Foster, 23/07/2012, 14:53:00
    Interview with the professor of criminology at Teesside University, Simon Winlow.

  • Prof's criminal plans
    Evening Gazette, 18/07/2012, p.22
    A professor whose research specialises in violent crime and criminal identity has returned to Teesside to take up a new role. Professor Simon Winlow has joined the university's Social Futures Research