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Lorenza Antonucci

01642 384432
Job title:
Research Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Social Policy/Sociology
School of Social Sciences, Business & Law
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Social Sciences, Business & Law research

About Lorenza Antonucci

Lorenza Antonucci

Lorenza Antonucci
Research Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Social Policy/Sociology, School of Social Sciences, Business & Law
T: 01642 384432
Research: Social Sciences, Business & Law research

Lorenza is a social policy scholar, researching and writing on comparative social policy in Europe, austerity, young adults, higher education and welfare state changes. Lorenza has joined Teesside University as Senior/Research Lecturer in Social Policy/Sociology in September 2015, after a couple of years as Lecturer in Social Policy at the University of the West of Scotland. In 2015 Lorenza has been awarded with the Visiting Fellowship of the Royal Society of Edinburgh to conduct a new research on the new politics of inequality in Europe at the European Social Observatory (OSE), where she maintains an on-going affiliation. In 2010 Lorenza won the first “Policy and Politics” Award from the publisher The Policy Press for her doctoral research on young people in university in Sweden, Italy and England. Lorenza holds a PhD from the University of Bristol, MSc (Research) from the LSE (distinction), MSc and BSc (both 110 cum laude) from Bocconi University.

Lorenza has collaborated with several European organisations: the Youth Partnership (European Commission/Council of Europe), Solidar, FEPS (Foundation for European Progressive Studies), European Commission (DG Regio) and Éupolis (Research Institute of the Lombardy region). She is very keen on working at the interstices of mainstream media and social research, and she writes for mainstream magazines such as Slate. She served in the Executive of the Social Policy Association (SPA) and currently sits in the editorial Board of the academic magazine Discover Society.

You can follow Lorenza on Twitter @SocialLore.

Research interests

Lorenza has an overarching research interest concerning the changes in the distribution of welfare sources across European welfare states and its impact on inequality. 

Firstly, she focuses on ‘young people’ and ‘young adults’ as a social group particularly affected by the changes in European welfare states and on the impact of increasing ‘familism’, precarity, welfare state cuts, labour market unemployment and underemployment. She is particularly interested in facilitating the creation of European networks for researching precarity. She is also working on conducting comparative studies of precarious transitions from university-to-work.

Secondly, Lorenza is exploring the 'new politics of inequality' in Europe, namely how inequality is being limited or reinforced in national and European policy-making during austerity. Lorenza has conducted new research on this topic, using the EU European Semester as case-study to explore the 'social impact' of EU economic policies in national policy-making.


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In the news

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    The Observer, p.18, 02/10/2016, The Guardian, online, 01/10/2016
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  • Student Lives in Crisis: Deepening Inequality in Times of Austerity
    Times Higher Education, 15/09/2016
    Student Lives in Crisis, by Lorenza Antonucci, is featured as book of the week in Times Higher Education.

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    BBC Radio 4, 28/09/2016
    Lorenza Antonucci features in a discussion on Radio 4's Thinking Aloud about the issues surrounding funding in higher education.

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