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Greg Elder

01642 342331
Job title:
Senior Lecturer in Psychology
School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Law
Social Sciences, Humanities & Law research

About Greg Elder


Elder, G. J., Mactier, K., Colloby, S.J., Watson, R., Blamire, A.M., O’Brien, J.T., & Taylor, J-P (in press). The influence of hippocampal atrophy on the cognitive phenotype of dementia with Lewy bodies. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.
Elder, G.J., Barclay, N.L., Wetherell, M.A., & Ellis, J.G. (2018). Anticipated next-day demand affects the magnitude of the cortisol awakening response but not subjective or objective sleep. Journal of Sleep Research, 27 (1), 47 -55.
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