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Postgraduate tutor (research)
Dr Ewan Ingleby

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We value our postgraduate research students and the important role they play in the research culture. The School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Law postgraduate tutor supports students, both full and part time, in their progression through their studies. Postgraduate research students attend, and contribute to, the various research group seminars and events as well as presenting their work at the annual research conference.

Naser Al Tayer

Legal protection and encouragement of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment): The case of Libya

Jonathan Baines

What is the socialisation of elite male and female ultra-marathon trail runners in Britain? A Bourdieusian analysis.

Eileen Barker

Detached from 'the social': The influence of consumer culture and late modernity's social world on drug user perceptions of service provision and social inclusion

Samantha Barnes

Harm, Crime & Victimisation: The Counterfeit Fashion and ‘Beauty’ Industry

James Beighton

Reasoning the need: questioning the value and role of the visual arts in the life of an industrial town, 1834-1999

Russell Best

Menthol mouth-swilling and endurance exercise performance in the heat

Mark Bushell

Looking Beyond ‘villain’ and ‘victim’: A zemiological study of Polish Migrant narratives in the north east of England.

Alexander Carter

Cumulative extremism in a historical context

Jennifer Cassarly

Deconstructing sexual consent among young people

Joanne Clark

Faith is a Law Unto Itself; A psychosocial analysis of religious faith and the motivations of terrorists.

Rebecca Croser

Evaluation of the role of the registered intermediary for child defendants

Gary Daly

Football Hooliganism, Left-Wing Political Activism & Secondary Industrial Action, In North Eastern England and Yorkshire during the 1970s and 1980s.

Leon Davis

The Bantams and Away Fandom: the site of real Football Fandom? A case study of Bradford City AFC.

Jenna Depeaux

The effects of barefoot running on hip and knee function

Lorelle Dismore

A Triangulated Double-Blinded, Prospective, Cohort Study on Patients’’ Perceptions of Pain Following Forefoot Surgery

Richard Dixon

Dealers, junkies, tramps and thieves: An ethnographic account of heroin, crime and identity in the city of York.

Sean Donnelly

Ancient Idealism: Cumann na nGaedheal and the Making of Irish Identity

Daniel Douglass

Psychological processes involved in skill acquisition of action sports

Joanne Elizabeth Dunnett

A Critical Discourse Analysis of the “normal” birth

Kaye Elling

“Medal of Dishonour”: Does prejudicial player behaviour against perceived minorities in online multiplayer console games affect consumer choices?

Timothy Ellis

Visual Culture and Political Power in the Irish Free State, 1922-1939

Jonathan Emerson

Was It You or Me? The Effects of Motor Imagery on Automatic Imitation of Self-other Distinctions in Schizopherenia.

Lisa Esmonde

Examination of non-specific therapist effects in Shiatsu treatment with person with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Verdine Etoria

Rethinking Work: Labour markets, social change and the challenge of social cohesion

Jonathan Farnell

Eliciting positive behavioural change through self-efficacy as a conseqence of social support experienced from computer game interaction

Kim Fawcett

When Women Abduct: Do we need a defence for women who abduct their children internationally in order to flee domestic violence?

Rachel Fernie

Summary Justice: An investigation into the examplar sentences handed down following the 2011 riots and the resulting conflict between the government and the judiciary

Duncan Fisher

‘Exploring Precarity: The Perceptions, Experiences and Emotional Labour of Young Adult Social Care Workers in Teesside’

Laura Foster-Hick

The Development and Policing of Internet Sex Offender Risk Assessment within Cleveland Police

Michael Graham

Using the Playground to Enhance Motor Skills and Physical Activity in Primary School Children

Seyedeh Habibzadeh

Hemodynamic and cardiovascular responses during and after concentric and eccentric exercise

Kate Haddow

Diverse faith traditions in Middlesbrough: Evaluation to inform local policies and practices.

James Hart

Austerity, Policing and Partnership Working

Matthew Hawkey

Preparation, Performance and Recovery of Elite Match Officials

Megan Hayes

Towards a Positive Psychology of Creative Writing

Jacqueline Hayes

Open air education and the 'delicate' child - 'special' schools for 'special' children?

Rebecca Healey

A longitudinal study to explore the experiences of patients diagnosed with melanoma

Maureen Jersby

Does utilising simulation technology facilitate professional capability in undergraduate student nurses?

Tracey Jones

Gender and Identity: The Relationship Between Femininity and Dress in Victorian Mining Districts in England and Wales.

Gokulakannan Kandasamy

Biomechanics of the knee joint in cricket fast bowlers

Mihkel-Madis Laas

Motion Capture of Youth Elite Soccer Players

Louise Logan

Tackling the legacy of the Victorian freak show: Fictional portrayals of the freak show and re-presenting disabled performers in museum exhibitions

Tom MacPherson

Integrating differential ratings of perceived exertion into the training monitoring procedures of team sports

Bernadette Marron

Investigating sexual consent understanding and knowledge

Robert May

Transnational British Fascism

Kathryn McEwan

Youth, precarity and class in the 'missing middle'

Shaun McLaren

Understanding the dose-response nature of team sport training and competition: implications for monitoring training load

Lewis Mondal

Representing the (Neo)-Victorian Body

Iris Mordue

Crime and insecurity in a post-industrial neighbourhood in the North-East of England

Elvis Mugangavari

Prison Officer Corruption In The Northeast of England: Anomy, Deviance, Bad Apples and Moral Disengagement. A comparative analysis of the scale of prison officer corruption in the Northeast of England and other regions of England and Wales.

Jason Mulloy

Tracing Lines: Territories of Becoming and Knowing in the Cinema of Terrence Malick

Robyn Ollett

Queer Looks Through Dead Eyes: Observing the New Queer Gothic

Adefolawe Omidiora

An Exploration of Pedagogical Practice in Educating Children with SEN (Special Education Needs) in Nigeria: Interpreting Practitioners’ Perceptions

Maureen Osigwelem

Assistive technology for inclusive education: An exploration of technology enabled learning in selected Nigerian schools

Judith Phillips

Nationality, gender, social status and cultural aspiration in mid-nineteenth France and England: Josephine Bowes (1825-1874), collector and museum creator

Edward Rees

The race for the café: A Bourdieusian analysis of racing cyclists in the training setting

Paul Robinson

New Governance Structures, Policy Networks and the Prospects for Enhanced Local Civic Accountability in Policing.

Peter Russell-Wilson

The application of entrepreneurial psychology to the design and implementation of enterprise skills training and/or enterprise coaching

Rebecca Saunders

Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves? The effects of deindustrialisation on the lives on Teesside women, 1970-1990

Matthew Scott

The Effect of Motor Imagery During Action Observation on Motor Execution

Laura Sexton

Individual Differences in Processing and Recognising Static and Moving Faces.

Jack Singh

“Just, Fair and Safe” For All? - The Treatment of Transgender Men and Women by the Criminal Justice System in England and Wales.

Alex Smethurst

The Impact of the Registered Intermediary on Child Investigative Interview

Francisco Songane

Development and Evaluation of a Training Readiness Scale for Team Sport Athletes on Mobile Devices

Rosemary Elizabeth Stubbs

All workers are exploited, some are more exploited than others”: A Study Informed by the Feminist Artists of 1970s Britain

Rachael Taylor

‘Ladies Pinch, Whores Wear Rouge’: Representations of Female Beauty and Cosmetic Use by Women in mid to late 19th Century Literature and Culture

Jonathan Taylor

Training-Dose response of sprint and repeated-sprint training in internittent-sports players

Luke Telford

The New English Nationalism: Class, culture and the politics of the future: An ethnographic case study of a post-industrial northern town

Damian Terrill

Ema Thornhill

Data, Intelligence and Service Delivery in the Tees Valley

Shiny Verghese

Online psychometrics: The design and validation of extensible system architecture

Alison Watson

A Study of the Marketing Department within Further Education (FE) Colleges and how they Contribute to the Market Share of 16-18 cohorts within the Tyne-Tees Region

Mark Wijnbergen

New Technologies for Performance Analysis

Jessica Wortley

Writing Nature: Ways in which writing in response to nature might be beneficial to us as writers and as selves

Catherine Wright

Co-dependency in the Health Care: the development, implementation and evaluation of a self reporting psychometric instrument and a guide for self help