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Postgraduate tutor (research)
Dr Ewan Ingleby

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We value our postgraduate research students and the important role they play in the research culture. The School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Law postgraduate tutor supports students, both full and part time, in their progression through their studies. Postgraduate research students attend, and contribute to, the various research group seminars and events as well as presenting their work at the annual research conference.

Eileen Barker

Detached from 'the social': The influence of consumer culture and late modernity's social world on drug user perceptions of service provision and social inclusion.

Russell Best

The use of oral and topical menthol application strategies with respect to sporting performance, in varying environmental conditions.

Alistair Bowden

Identifying evidence of adaptive strategies, harmonious collaborations and complex hybrid delivery mechanisms within a New Public Governance (NPG) framework.

Claire Brewis

The challenges and opportunities of participation in roles and opportunities for young adults with acquired brain injury and carers living in rural communities.

Joanne Clark

Faith is a Law Unto Itself; A psychosocial analysis of religious faith and the motivations of terrorists.

Amanda Coates

An investigation into the experiences of domestic violence victims in rural and town areas.

Gary Currie

Using Visual Methods to explore CSI identity issues and engagement with higher education.

Leon Davis

The Bantams and Away Fandom: the site of real Football Fandom? A case study of Bradford City AFC.

Daniel Douglass

Psychological processes involved in skill acquisition of action sports.

Thouraya Eshami

Developing Leaders and Leadership in Higher Education: The Role of Heads of Departments in a Libyan University and its Impact on Relevance to the Leadership Process.

Lisa Esmonde

Examination of non-specific therapist effects in Shiatsu treatment with person with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Jonathan Farnell

Eliciting positive behavioural change through self-efficacy as a consequence of social support experienced from computer game interaction.

Rachel Fernie

Summary Justice: An investigation into the exemplar sentences handed down following the 2011 riots and the resulting conflict between the government and the judiciary.

Sarah Flanagan

Exploring the emotional impact of career disruptions and the ways in which people cope with career disruptions.

David Goodchild

The determinants of organisational performance in parts of the local British public services using CPA and CAA.

Nasim Habibzadeh

The role of downhill walking on hemodynamic and cardiovascular responses in young adult.

Richard Hanage

Entrepreneurial Graduate Learning.

Matthew Hawkey

Preparation, Performance and Recovery of Elite Match Officials.

Stewart Higham

Exploring identity-related crime.

Sharon How

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding and Uterine Fibroids in African Caribbean Women: exploring the psychological, social and cultural elements of experience.

Christopher Hurst

Evaluation and application of a novel double-concentric exercise training system: health and fitness perspectives.

Maureen Jersby

Does utilising simulation technology facilitate professional capability in undergraduate student nurses?

Gok Kandasamy

Biomechanics of the knee joint in cricket fast bowlers.

Stephanie Kilinc

An interpretive phenomenological exploration of the lived experience of Adult-Onset Epilepsy.

Justin Kotze

Analysing the 'crime decline:' change and continuity in crime and harm.

Zoulika Lamamra

The portrayal of cultural specificity in the adaption of global advertising imagery: Egypt and UK.

Elisavet Manoli

Integrated Marketing Communications and the practitioners strategy paradox - The football industry case study.

Thomas McBain

Engaging non-habitual exercisers using high-intensity, low-volume exercise gaming (exergaming).

Kathryn McEwan

There Are No Working-Class People Here: How Do The Next Generation, The Children of Those Who 'Made It' To Ingleby Barwick, Class Themselves and their Precarious Futures?

Shaun McLaren

Sports performance and injury prediction using mobile technologies.

Andrea Mezger

Trust as factor influencing switching behaviour of private end consumers to green electricity suppliers and their products.

Iris Mordue

Exploring crime-related constructions of place in the post-industrial North.

Martina Muller

Evaluation of the current and future dynamics of the UK/German Tour Operating Industry.

Hang Nguyen

How effective knowledge management improves performance of Vietnam’s public universities.

Pascal Ohalehi

An evaluation of the role of regulation in minimising financial crime in charity sector in the UK.

Chukwuka Ojeme

An empirical perception of local communities in terms of services provided as criteria for measuring local government performance: Evidence from Nigeria.

Jenna Pearson

The effects of barefoot running on hip and knee function.

Kevin Price

Narratives of place: A case study of Hartlepool's Headland.

Anthony Rees

A race for the cafe: Understanding the social world of racing cyclists in the North East of England.

Anthony Ruddy

Biography and youth poverty on Teesside's deprived estates.

Stefanie Sachsenmeier

Chinese mergers and acquisitions (M&A's) in Germany.

Ramona Schoder

Collective forecasting in companies: An empirical analysis of the benefits of using prediction markets and surveys in sales and marketing forecasting.

Jonathan Taylor

Training-Dose response of sprint and repeated-sprint training in intermittent-sports players.

David Temple

Emerging criminal markets in the global economy.

Shiny Verghese

Online psychometrics: The design and validation of extensible system architecture.

Alison Watson

A Study of the Marketing Department within Further Education (FE) Colleges and how they Contribute to the Market Share of 16-18 cohorts.

Catherine Wright

Co-dependency in the Health Care: the development, implementation and evaluation of a self reporting psychometric instrument and a guide for self help.

Qi Xu

Multiple Games of Enterprise Power and Dominant Strategies of GVC Upgrade: A Case of China's Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises.