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Dr Sina Rezaei Gomari

Senior Lecturer in Petroleum Technology and Engineering

Sina Rezaei Gomari

About Sina Rezaei Gomari

Dr Gomari completed his first degree in Chemical Engineering at Petroleum University of Technology, Abadan, Iran. He gained his MSc in Petroleum Engineering from NTNU, Norway followed by his PhD at the University of Stavanger, Norway. He has gained 12 years of industrial experiences with the National Iranian Oil Company, and Statoil before joining Teesside University as Senior Lecturer. He is currently course leader for MSc Petroleum Engineering.  

His main research interests are:

  • Oil and Gas Production Optimization
  • IOR/EOR methods
  • Reservoir Rock/Fluid Interaction
  • Oil and Gas Reservoir Modelling
  • Wettability alteration
  • Hydraulic Fracturing ( Shale Oil/Gas extraction)

Research interests and activities

His main research interests are:

·  Hydraulic Fracturing
·  Shale Gas /Tight Sand
·  Reservoir Rock/Fluid Interaction
·  Oil and Gas Reservoir Modelling
·  Surface Characterization
·  Wettability alteration
·  Oil and Gas Production Optimization
·  IOR/EOR methods
        Low Salinity water Injection
        CO2 Injection
        Miscible /Immiscible Gas Injection
        Smart Water 

PhD and research opportunities

Graduated PhD students

1) Hadi Parvizi (2014-2018)

Project Title :
Hydraulic fracturing modelling and process optimisation in tight gas reservoirs

2) Saifaddeen Sallam (2012-2018)
Project Title:
Predictive Production Modelling for Increasing Productivity of Oil Wells

Current PhD students:

Director of PhD study

1) Student: Kingsley Godwin Uranta 
Project Title : Integration techniques for effective control of water in oil and gas wells

2) Student: Benedicta Bilotu 
Project Title: The optimization and development of gas condensate field

3) Student : Pranav Thoutam:
Project Title: Developing a hybrid desalination plant with Hydrate Based Desalination (HBD) and Multi Stage Flash (MSF)

4) Student : Kamal Elyasi
Project Title : New Insights into Polymer Flooding for Optimising the Microscopic and Macroscopic Displacement Efficiency in Porous Media

5) Student:  Farida Amrouche
Project Title: Innovative Technique to Alter and Control Wettability of Hydrocarbon Reservoir to Favourable Wettability Using Electrical Power (WALEP)

Co-supervisor of PhD study:  

Co-supervisor of PhD study in collaboration with Robert Gordon University:
1)Student: Maureen Ani
Project Title: Improving Reservoir Uncertainty Analysis using an Artificial Intelligence ( AI) Modelling Approach

Enterprise interest and activities

Over 12 year’s professional experience in the different fields of reservoir development working in Iran, and Norway. Within these years working on different types of reservoir from conventional to unconventional and carbonate to sandstone helped me to challenge myself with different problems and solution to the problems. 

  • Carbonate reservoir in Iran as production Engineer (3 years) 
  • Chalk reservoir ( Application of Water Injection, Water weakening, Subsidence of Platform due to water injection, SCAL on chalk and its challenges)
  • History matching on Oseberg South
  • History matching on Giant South Pars/Iran
  • SCAL analysis on Oil and Gas (including conventional and unconventional reservoirs both NCS and internationally, more than 15 fields)
  • Reserve evaluation , Snorre Petek


Selected publications:

Hadi Parvizi , Sina Rezaei Gomari , Farhad Nabhani , and Abolfazl Dehghan Monfared, Modeling the Risk of Commercial Failure for Hydraulic Fracturing Projects Due to Reservoir Heterogeneity, Energies 2018, 11(1), 218.

Kingsley Uranta Godwin, Sina Rezaei Gomari , Paul Russell , Faik Hamed, Determining Safe Maximum Temperature Point (SMTP) for Polyacrylamide Polymer (PAM) in Saline Solutions , J Oil Gas Petrochem Sci. (2018) 1(1): 00004.

Hadi Parvizi, Sina Rezaei Gomari, Farhad Nabhani, Robust and Flexible Hydrocarbon Production Forecasting Considering Heterogeneity Impact for Hydraulically Fractured Wells, Energy & Fuels, 31 (8), pp 8481–8488, 2017.

Sina Rezaei Gomari, Farida Amrouche, Investigating the Effect of Rock Pore Size Distribution on Reservoir Production Performance, ICCM 2017, V4, pp 1224-1229. 
Sina Rezaei Gomari, Nikhil Joseph, Study of the Effect of Clay Particles on Low Salinity Water Injection in Sandstone Reservoirs, Energies V10, 2017.

Hadi Parvizi , Sina Rezaei-Gomari ,  Farhad Nabhani , Andrea Turner, Evaluation of heterogeneity impact on hydraulic fracturing performance, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering , V 154, pp. 344-353, 2017.

Sina Rezaei Gomari , Bizhan Zangiabadi , Systematic evaluation of rock mechanical behavior of chalk reservoirs in presence of variety of water compositions, International Journal of Geomechanics, volume 17, issue 8, 2017. 

Maureen Ani, Gbenga Oluyemi, Andrei Petrovski , Sina Rezaei Gomari, Reservoir Uncertainty Analysis: The Trends from Probability to Algorithms and Machine Learning. SPE 181049 presented at the SPE intelligent Energy International Conference and Exhibition held in Aberdeen, UK, 6-8 September 2016.

Saifaddeen Sallam , Mohammad Munir Ahmad, Mohamed Naser, and Sina Rezaei-Gomari, Reservoir Simulation for Investigating the Effect of Reservoir Pressure on Oil Recovery Factor. International Journal of Advanced Research in Science, Engineering and Technology, Vol. 2, October 2015.

Sina Rezaei Gomari, Andres Delgado Andrade, Bahram Soltani, Study of the effect of Illite and Kaolinite on low salinity water injection , International Journal of Engineering Research and Application , 2015.

Hadi Parvizi, Sina Rezaei Gomari, Farhad Nabhani, Andrea Turner and Wei Cher Feng, Hydraulic Fracturing Performance Evaluation in Tight Sand Gas Reservoirs with High Perm Streaks and Natural Fractures, SPE 174338 presented at the 77th EAGE Conference & Exhibition held in Madrid Spain, 1-4 June 2015.

Hadi Parvizi, Sina Rezaei Gomari, Farhad Nabhani, Wei-Cher Feng, A Practical Workflow for Offshore Hydraulic Fracturing Modeling: Focusing on Sothern North Sea, SPE 174339, presented at the 77th EAGE Conference & Exhibition held in Madrid Spain, 1-4 June 2015.

Sina R. Gomari, How to overcome the obstacles in the special core analysis projects for challenging reservoirs, Rock &Fluid Physics: Academic and Industrial Perspectives, presented at 100 years of shell celebration –Amsterdam, October 2014.

Sina Rezaei Gomari, Assessment of eco-friendly and cost effective bio-surfactant mediated enhanced oil recovery using powder technology, paper presented at 20th Reservoir Microbiology Forum (RMF2014) held in London18-19 November 2014.

Mohammad M. Ghiasia, Alireza Bahadorib, Sohrab Zendehboudic, Ahmad Jamilid, Sina Rezaei-Gomarie,Novel methods predict equilibrium vapor methanol content during gas hydrate inhibition. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, Volume 15, November 2013, Pages 69–75.

Sina Rezaei Gomari, F. Berg, A. Mock, P. E. Øren, E. B. Petersen Jr., A. B. Rustad,, O. Lopez, ELECTRICAL AND PETROPHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF SILICICLASTIC RESERVOIR ROCKS FROM PORE-SCALE MODELING, International Symposium of the Society of Core Analyst, September 18th - 21st, 2011 in Austin, Texas, USA

Sina Rezaei Gomari, Different Approaches to Understand Mechanism of Wettability Alteration of Carbonate Reservoirs, paper SPE 121952 presented at the SPE Europec/EAGE Annual Conference and Exhibition held in Amsterdam, The Netherland, 8–11 June 2009.

Sina Rezaei Gomari, O. Karoussi, A. A. Hamouda, Mechanistic Study of Interaction between Water and Carbonate Rocks for Enhancing Oil Recovery, paper SPE 99628 to be presented at the SPE Europec/EAGE Annual Conference and Exhibition held in Vienna, Austria, 12–15 June 2006.

A. A. Hamouda, Sina Rezaei Gomari, Influence of Temperature on Wettability Alteration of Carbonate Reservoirs, paper SPE 99848 presented at the 2006 SPE/DOE Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A., 22–26 April 2006.

Sina Rezaei Gomari , A. A. Hamouda, R. Denoyel, Influence of sulfate ions on the interaction between fatty acids and calcite surface, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects ,Vol. 287,(2006), 29-35.

Sina Rezaei Gomari, R. Denoyel, A. A. Hamouda, Wettability of calcite and mica modified by different long chain fatty acids (C18 acids). Journal of colloid and interface science Vol. 297, (2006), 470-479.

Sina Rezaei Gomari, A. A. Hamouda, Effect of fatty acids, water composition and pH on the wettability alteration of calcite surface. J. Petrol. Sci. Eng. 50 (2006) 140-150.

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