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Zuzana Bajuszova

01642 342428
Job title:
Research Fellow (GateOne Project)
School of Science & Engineering
Research institute:
Technology Futures Institute

About Zuzana Bajuszova

Zuzana Bajuszova

Zuzana Bajuszova
Research Fellow (GateOne Project), School of Science & Engineering
T: 01642 342428
Research institute: Technology Futures Institute

Zuzana is a Research Fellow in the School of Science and Engineering. Currently, she is working on the EU FP7 project CE-microArray that aims to develop a more sensitive, accurate and faster platform to diagnose the risk of developing sepsis, a life-threatening illness caused by the body’s over reaction to an infection. Zuzana is working closely with Dr Meez Islam and is taking significant responsibility for the technical work in this project. She also participated in the FP7 Diginova project that focused on developing a roadmap for digital fabrication.

Zuzana joined the Teesside University research group in 2008 and completed her PhD degree in optical physics there in 2013. Her work is focused on the development of a relatively inexpensive cavity enhanced optical detection system (BBCEAS) and its application to analytical techniques, in particular to microplate readers, and also its integration with highly replicable microfluidic devices.

Prior to coming to Teesside she obtained her degree in biology and gained valuable experience in research activities in the area of cardiovascular diseases utilising technology for molecular biology and physiology.


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Expression of caveolin-1 in isoproterenol induced myocardial hypertrophy in the rats. Křenek, P., Fecenková, A., Bajuszová, Z., Gažová, A., Kučerová, D., Klimas, J., Kmecová, J., Musil, P., Ochodnický, P., Kyselovič, J. Farmaceuticky Obzor. Vol 78, Issue 1-2,  pp. 21-26 (2009).

Rapid large artery remodelling following the administration and withdrawal of calcium channel blockers in spontaneously hypertensive rats. Vaja V, Ochodnicky P, Krenek P, Klimas J, Bajuszova Z, Kyselovic J. Eur J Pharmacol. 619 (1-3) pp. 85-91 (2009).

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