Tees Healthcare Innovation Partnership (T-HIP)

The Tees Healthcare Innovation Partnership (T-HIP) is a new collaboration between Teesside University and South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. It is linked to the Healthcare Innovation Centre based in Cambridge and Teesside with TWI Ltd.

The partnership offers a supportive and stimulating innovation environment for developing new ideas, approaches and technologies. It brings together the practical experience of expert clinicians and healthcare professionals with the wide ranging and complementary skills of the academic and technology partners.

If you have an idea that you think could improve the outcomes or experience of patients, or deliver services more effectively, T-HIP can provide you with access to the skills, technical, test and prototyping facilities and resources to take this from concept to reality.

Improving the quality of service, patient experience and outcomes against a backdrop of increasing demand, limited resources and emerging new threats demands innovation in the way healthcare is approached and delivered. Such innovation takes many forms, from changes in behaviour and operational procedures through to developing and introducing new technological solutions.

The partnership aims to provide support and capacity for healthcare innovation, offering the technical facilities and space to develop and test new ideas, and allow collaborative working between specialists in complementary disciplines.

T-HIP draws on our collective expertise in areas such as clinical practice, human factors, design, digital technologies, biomedical science and engineering, smart systems, materials science, failure investigation, physiology, physiotherapy, exercise and rehabilitation sciences, clinical evaluations and reviews, public health and many more. The partnership covers:

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  • sourcing funding and commercial partners to facilitate innovation activity
  • undertaking the underpinning research needed
  • assessing clinical need and opportunity against appropriate reviews and studies
  • refining and developing the ideas
  • identifying and sourcing specialist support where needed
  • constructing and testing prototypes
  • designing and conducting trials and experiments
  • raising awareness through publication.

Maximising the creative and innovation opportunities, the centre addresses these in a series of thematic calls - addressing the full range of health specialisms over time. We are particularly keen to develop opportunities relating to three themes:

  • digital health agenda
  • clinical and therapeutic application of smart and embedded systems and devices
  • improving patient outcomes, for example, tackling antimicrobial resistance, engineered solutions for biological processes and service improvement.

The partnership will be launched at Teesside University on 31 March. It includes a research and innovation sandpit event, where healthcare professionals are invited to engage with academic and specialist research teams at the University, TWI and external networks in the wider medical industry. Together we will explore ideas, the resources at our disposal and develop potential solutions to some of the challenges that we face in delivering a 21st-century healthcare system.

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