The student experience

Research Training

We offer comprehensive research training to all our postgraduate students studying research degrees. All our support is aligned with important policies and guidance used across the UK to ensure that students can build their knowledge and skills to a high level. We also offer specialist advice and referral to external provision of training if required.
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Research Events

Postgraduate research students are encouraged to attend all research and networking events relevant to them organised by their Academic School, Research Institute or Research and Innovation Services. Research students are also encouraged to take part in external postgraduate research and networking events to enhance their knowledge and experience.
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Postgraduate Tutors

The Postgraduate Tutor in your School should be your first point of contact if you have any questions or issues and will be able to advise you on important aspects of your research degree programme.

Dr Julie Porteous, Postgraduate Tutor, School of Computing, Media & the Arts
T: 01642 342492 | E:
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Dr Cormac Ryan, Postgraduate Tutor, School of Health and Social Care
T: 01642 738253 | E:
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Dr Mosharraf Sarker, Postgraduate Tutor, School of Science, Engineering & Design
T: 01642 342550 | E:
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Dr Ewan Ingleby, Postgraduate Tutor, School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Law
T: 01642 738161 | E:
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Pastoral care

Support for current students and pastoral care is provided by Dr Martin Leyland, Research Student Monitoring Support Officer in Research and Innovation Services. Martin can provide support and advice or direct students to a wide range of services available in the University.

For matters relating to enrolment or student support contact:
Dr Martin Leyland, Research Student Monitoring Support Officer
T: 01642 738033 | E:

Research Student Representatives

Each School has a Postgraduate Researcher Representative. Their duties include raising issues of concern to student researchers both to their respective School management and the University Research Degrees Board. Reps have already contributed to the University's policy for students taking on teaching duties, and contributed to training sessions. The PhD experience in the first year has also been discussed in detail, and the Reps have highlighted areas for improvement, which has helped to shape current practice.

Please get in touch with your student Rep if you have any feedback on student matters or ideas you wish to discuss. If you are interested in becoming a Rep, please contact your Postgraduate Tutor.

Research Student Representatives

  • School of Arts and Media - Alex Carter
  • School of Computing, Media & the Arts - Paolo Serafino
  • School of Health and Social Care -Dora Machaira
  • School of Science, Engineering & Design - David Errickson
  • School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Law -Katy McEwan