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Activities for Year 9 students

These events and activities encourage Year 9 students to progress to further and higher education. We have many informative events for young people to take part in.

Come to us: motivational visits Wednesday and Friday mornings (November - July)

We'll come to you: stepping stones

Design your day by selecting a group of workshops and activities. Get in touch with your selection and we'll arrange a date to deliver your bespoke programme in your own environment. Select some activities from the list below and contact us to put a programme together.


A range of activities to raise your students' aspirations and get them thinking about their options after school and college.

  • Celebrity guess who?
    We present descriptions of well-known celebrities who have developed their career through academic achievements. Students learn by identifying celebrities from inspiring statements.
  • Course pictionary
    Students work in small groups to guess which course is described in pictures. This fun session highlights the wide range of courses available at university.
  • Ideal student
    Pupils explore the qualities of an ideal student and discuss how to succeed in education. Teamwork and presentation skills are developed.
  • Mythbusting university
    This session challenges students to debate some common myths surrounding university life. It highlights the transition from further education to higher education and addresses key areas such as independent study, finance and funding, assessment and social life.
  • Student experience
    Delivered by a current student, this session gives a student perspective on university life. It's an informal opportunity for your group to ask questions about higher education and think about what student life is really like.
  • University bingo
    Through this exciting game, students gain awareness of higher education with an emphasis on Teesside University. The group become familiar with elements of university including sandwich courses and the length of degrees.
  • University challenge
    This competitive team quiz challenges students to answer questions on progression to higher education. Ideal as a stand alone exercise or as the final session of a bespoke programme designed to test what your students have learned after a day of activity.
  • Who makes them?
    This activity gets students thinking about the range of subjects on offer and the careers available to them. After choosing a celebrity and related scenario, students think about the skills and subject strengths that they would need help the celebrity be successful.


Workshops to equip your students with the skills they need to follow their chosen path of education or employment.

  • Interactive budgeting workshop
    This session teaches students how to manage a budget at university. We explore the funding available for tuition fees and living costs, as well as discussing how loan repayments work after graduation. The session is for a maximum of 30 students. It can be linked to the key stage 3 and 4 PHSE curriculum programme, economic wellbeing and financial capability.
  • Personal branding
    Whether your students are contemplating employment, training or higher education, the marketplace is very competitive and they need to set themselves apart from the rest of the pack. Delivered as a short presentation or a longer workshop, this session encourages students to consider the successes of famous brands and their strengths and qualities. The exercise helps students think about how to pitch themselves to potential universities or employers. It also gets pupils thinking about their online presence and how this can be used to help achieve their ambitions.


Workshops designed to give your students the information they need to make an informed decision about their options after school or college.

  • What's the difference?
    This session focuses on the questions students frequently ask us about going to university. We discuss everything from keeping your accommodation tidy to learning a new language. We place a particular emphasis on the consequences of student decisions.

Discovery days

A wide range of subject-specific sessions are offered in these interactive, practical workshops. The workshops coincide with option choices in schools and introduce subjects to pupils that they can choose to study post-16.

Please note places are limited and are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, with a maximum of 5 places per school, per class. Pupils must be accompanied at all times by a member of staff in each session.

Girls and gadgets conference

This computer conference is designed to get girls excited about using computers and destroy the myth that computers are for boys.

It provides the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and develop an understanding of both the creative and technical skills involved in this exciting subject area. Typical workshop activities include e-journalism, networks, 3D animation and photo editing.

Please note that places are allocated on a first-come, first-saved basis (limited to 10 per school or college).
More about our girls and gadgets conference

ExpoTees NextGen

This competition-based event challenges students to work in teams and build a project that shows what, and how, they would like to learn using computing technology.

Each group needs to work together as a team and present their work as creatively as possible. The winning team is awarded an exhibition space at Teesside University's renowned ExpoTees event, where they can showcase their work to industry representatives.

Teams can have a maximum of 5 students and must be from Year 8/9 or Year 12/13.
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