3.6    Receipt of results

Within two weeks of starting your annual programme of study, your School (or College) will tell you when you will be notified of your assessment results.

For all but a small minority of programmes you will be able to access your assessment results online through e-Vision (https://e-vision.tees.ac.uk). We will notify you through your University email account when you can do this. If your results are available online, you will not receive any written communication to confirm your results. It is your responsibility to check your results by this method. In other cases, you will be notified by post following the outcome of the Progression and/or Award Board. Formal notification of assessment results for undergraduate awards will be by a simple statement of progression and/or classification for successful candidates only. They will be posted on School (or College) noticeboards within one week of the due date.

If you have any questions about this please contact your School (or College) Office.

Student handbook