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Andrew Coxon

Andrew Coxon PhD Computing

Andrew Coxon is working towards a PhD after completing his undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Teesside.

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Megha Jois Mugur Nagaraj

MA Digital Character Animation

Megha Jois Mugur Nagaraj said she loved everything about her MA Digital Character Animation course.

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Sammy Wu

Sammy WuBA (Hons) Character Animation

Sammy was hooked on Harry Potter from the beginning – ten years later his name is on the end credits of the final film in the series.

It’s great to know that I’m one of 17 Teesside graduates to have worked on such a huge film.

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Nicola Harker

Nicola HarkerBSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult)

Nicola is a staff nurse in the critical care services at James Cook University Hospital

'I love the career I’ve chosen. It comes with great knowledge and skills – it’s stressful but provides real job satisfaction.'

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Aenne Hussmann

Aenne HussmanMSc Marketing Management

Aenne Hussmann came to Teesside from Germany as a visiting student and enjoyed it so much, she stayed to complete her undergraduate and masters’ degrees.

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Aroonwan Charoonsmith

Aroonwan CharoonsmithMSc International Management

Aroonwan came from Thailand to study here.

I heard about Teesside University from my previous university in Thailand. I have made new friends and I learned things that I never knew before.