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I need one-to-one academic support to access my course - what is available?

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You'll find the advisers in the Europa building.
T: 01642 342277
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Support is different for each student and we will discuss the support you would like to access to assist you on your course. Examples include:

  • note-taking
  • assistance to complete practical education related tasks such as reading, photocopying, research, carrying books, transcription
  • campus orientation and mobility around campus

How to arrange support

Register with Disability Services by completing a registration form and providing evidence of your disability, mental health condition, autism or specific learning difficulty.

You will then be contacted by a Disability Adviser who will arrange for you to discuss your needs and they will then write a Student Support Plan. You may also need to arrange to have a Needs Assessment; if some of the support you need can be funded via Disabled Students' Allowances support can be paid for by your funding body. We will also be able to assist you with this.

We employ staff to work with students and also have close links with external support agencies that offer a good quality services and ensure the people provided are appropriately qualified to assist you.

Types of support and costs

Some types of support are organised via an application for Disabled Students' Allowances from your funding body (if not eligible discuss with a disability adviser). This includes sourcing suppliers for:

  • Communication support for deaf students
  • Specialist mentoring
  • Specialist study skills tuition

Teesside University can supply   Specialist Mentoring (word - 62kb) and   Specialist Study Skills tuition (word - 26kb). The contact for both these services is Gemma Nicholls-Pickering 01642 738576.
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Personal care needs

If you are already receiving support from social services, talk to them about being a student at Teesside University and the transfer of your support. If you are not currently receiving support but will require this, for example, when living away from home, please make contact with your local social services department and disability adviser to discuss arrangements.