The Meeting House

The Meeting House can be found at 20 King Edward's Square by the entrance to the Clarendon Car Park. It is used by the chaplaincy, the counselling service and other groups for a variety of activities. The Meeting House space has areas for worship, quiet meditation and prayer. There is also a welcoming and comfortable kitchen and lounge area.

The Meeting House is available during weekdays between the hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm, excluding times when group bookings are taking place. It is a place where students can visit a peaceful environment to meet socially or enjoy a time of stillness and quiet reflection. Those who use the space have welcomed opportunities to take time out from the busy campus environment.

To discuss arrangements to access the house as an individual or as part of a group please make an appointment with the chaplain.

Islamic prayer room

There is a dedicated Islamic prayer room in the Brittan building, providing a suitable environment where Islamic prayers can be offered. Men and women pray separately and for this reason the prayer room is partitioned, with dedicated space for men and women to do wudhu (ablution).

It is available to staff, students and visitors of the University. For access details, the chaplaincy office or the Student Services reception will be able to help.