Disability advisers

We provide a service to students who are visually impaired, hearing impaired, wheelchair users or people with mobility difficulties, those with long-standing medical conditions, autism spectrum disorders, mental health conditions and people with specific learning difficulties (for example, dyslexia). This list is not exhaustive. Early contact with Disability Services prior to your arrival is advised in order to set up support.

How can we help?

Disability Services has a team of advisers. We can provide you with information, advice and guidance, to assist you with:

  • obtaining evidence of your disability - students are eligible for disability funding and support if they meet the definition of disability in line with the Equality Act 2010. Therefore funding bodies and the University require clear and auditable evidence that a student has a long-term condition (at least 12 months), which has a substantial impact on their day-to-day activity (including education). Doctor's letters should therefore clearly indicate this.
  • implementing support for your course through a Student Support Plan
  • accessing an assessment of your needs through the Assessment Centre on Teesside
  • arranging one-to-one academic support, for example dyslexia tuition, mentoring, note taking support, deaf support and mobility assistance - more about one-to-one support
  • applying for funding for your support for example Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs) More about DSA's

If you normally live in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, your application for student finance will be dealt with by the authorities in your own region.

Register for support with a disability

Please complete and return the attached form.

What type of resources can students access?

  • SpLD (Specific Learning Difficulties) Slip for Dyslexic Students to attach to assignments and exam papers to assist with marking
  • Exam adjustments (dependent on need) e.g. additional time, use of a computer, stop the clock breaks
  • Recommendations for presentations/group work/practical sessions
  • Access to a recording device in lectures
  • Access to DSA-funded travel allowance
  • Access to specialist 1:1 support (within and outside of taught sessions where necessary)
  • Drop in appointments (15 minutes) are available from 3pm-5pm for all students in the Europa Building; Student Centre and can be booked by calling 01642 342277 or by emailing disability@tees.ac.uk. This is an opportunity for students to access advice and guidance around any disability related issues (e.g. how to access support, how to obtain medical evidence, how to set up an existing support package, assistance applying for DSAs etc.).

Mental health and autism

We have three specialist advisers dedicated to supporting students with autistic spectrum conditions and/or mental health conditions. You'll find the advisers in the Europa building; Student Centre. Specialist Mental Health Appointments are offered to all students (whether they are registered with Disability Services or not) each week, where they can talk to an adviser about anything they may be struggling with and explore what support may be available. Students can access these by contacting the Mental Health Advisers directly (contact details below).

We can offer a confidential service which includes:

  • working with you to set up your personalised Student Support Plan
  • providing advice and support to address any concerns or anxieties during your time at university
  • supporting you to settle into the academic and social demands of University life
  • liaising closely with academic schools and staff regarding course related issues that may be having an impact on your wellbeing
  • exploring other services within the university that may enhance your experience of university life
  • make referrals and signpost to external support services as required
  • in additional to this service, there is a counselling service and a well-being centre that all students can access.

Contact details

  • Helen Myrie, Student Adviser (Mental Health and Autism), T: 01642 738570 | E: h.myrie@tees.ac.uk
  • Lindsay While, Student Adviser (Mental Health and Autism), T: 01642 738402 | E: l.while@tees.ac.uk
  • Beth Baxter, Generalist Disability Adviser, T: 01642 738575 | E: e.baxter@tees.ac.uk
  • Stephen Kemp, Generalist Disability Adviser, T:01642 342285 | E: s.kemp@tees.ac.uk

Service user feedback

Your feedback is key to ensuring we provide the most effective and efficient support for every student. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any feedback of good service or suggestions of how we can improve.


Should you wish to make a complaint you can do so by contacting the Disability Services Manager. All complaints are dealt with in a professional and non-confrontational manner.
Complaints procedure

Contact us

You'll find the advisers in the Europa building; Student Centre.
T: 01642 342279
E: disability@tees.ac.uk