Counselling confidentiality

Is counselling confidential?

We adhere to either the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) or BPS (British Psychological Society) Code of Ethics and Practice, which binds us to a high level of confidentiality. We understand that clients sometimes experience severe difficulties or exceptional circumstances which may put them at risk of harm to themselves or others. If this were the case, your counsellor would attempt to discuss this with you before considering breaking confidentiality.

The service will not reveal anything to anyone unless you ask us to do so. This means that your academic school or tutor will not know that you are having counselling unless you want us to tell them. This also applies to your family or partner. If either your School or your family contact us, we will maintain this confidentiality, unless you have given us permission otherwise.

Does the Counselling Service keep records of my counselling?

Our policy is to keep confidential case notes for four years in conformity with the Data Protection Act and University Policy. These case notes are a brief record of the session along with other relevant written materials. The notes do not express any medical opinion on the part of the counsellor. All notes and personal details are subject to a high degree of confidentiality and kept securely. They are only accessible to Counselling Service Staff. The fact that you are attending counselling will not appear on your course records, overall student record or on your medical records.

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Our confidential counselling service can support you through any personal or academic difficulties and develop constructive ways forward.

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