Light therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder

What is it?

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that affects an estimated half a million people during the months September to April, in particular December, January and February. It is caused by a biochemical imbalance in the brain due to lack of sunlight in the winter months. Symptoms include tiredness, mood changes, overeating, depression and lethargy. The use of light therapy may be effective in up to 85% of cases. Light therapy is given by the use of a special light box which emits a much stronger light than ordinary light bulbs.

Where is it?

Well-being Centre consulation room.

How do I book?

Before using the lightbox, you must speak to the Well-being services co-ordinator. Sessions can be booked for you at suitable times..

How much does it cost?

This service is free.

Well-being Centre

Sunflower field

The Well-being Centre is on Level 2 of the Brittan Building.

We offer a number of complementary therapies.

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