Black History Month at Teesside University

Promoting history, culture and heritage

October is Black History Month and Teesside University is proud to be part of the international celebration of events.

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Black History Month at Teesside University

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Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York
'I want to wish Teesside University good luck with their events marking Black History Month. It is important that we recognise the contribution black and Asian people have made in helping make Britain the wonderful place it is today. Regardless of the colour of our skin, God has made us all unique, special and loved individuals.'

We are supporting a series of events and activities that will promote black and Asian history, culture and heritage. And we’re delighted to promote a great programme which includes the popular Taste of Africa event which will take place at Teesside University this year. A night of traditional entertainment, food, fashion, and dance fron the Adanta dance group.

The programme highlights the positive contributions of the black and Asian community to British society and the local area, as well as creating a heightened awareness of black and Asian people to their cultural heritage within the University and the wider community.

Black History Month at Teesside aims to enhance the student experience, engage the wider community and encourage the wider participation of students from minority backgrounds, inspiring them to achieve their potential.

Margaret Younger, Equality and Diversity Adviser at the University, said, ‘Unfortunately there is plenty of evidence that racism and prejudice still exist in our society. This is often a consequence of misinformation and a lack of knowledge and awareness about our history. Events such as these help to raise awareness through learning, and the celebration of culture and achievements, and are vitally important to help develop greater understanding.’

We hope you enjoy the programme. Everyone is welcome.

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