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History Public Lecture

  • 01 May 2019
  • 5.30PM - 7.00PM
  • Public event: Yes  |  Booking required: No
  • CL2.52, Clarendon Building  |  Directions

About | History Public Lecture

Dr Charlie McGuire (Teesside University) ‘'We won the battle but lost the war': Memories of the 1980 national steelworkers' strike'.

Charlie McGuire’s lecture examines the thirteen-week 1980 national steelworkers' strike, which was at the time Britain’s biggest industrial dispute since the General Strike of 1926. The strike impacted heavily on Teesside, with around 20,000 local workers being involved in it and was one that occurred at a time when the industry was being moved towards the most severe cutbacks in its history, in the form of plant closures and redundancies. The lecture is based on oral histories of this strike, taken from some of those workers who were involved in it, from a number of different regions including Teesside, Motherwell, The west Midlands and south Yorkshire. It explores their memories of the strike - its causes, its course, the outcomes, and the aftermath.