Critical Thinking Exercise

Instructions: To the right are 3 extracts taken from 3 different information sources. Imagine you are writing an essay about mobile phones and their potential dangers. Read through the extracts and based on the information provided rate them according to how likely you would be to use them as sources of information for your essay. With 5 stars being the highest score you can award.
Extract 1
Quote: "People who use a mobile phone for ten years or more have a slightly increased risk of developing a tumour on the side of the head they hold the phone, according to a study published last week. The study in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and England investigated the possible connection between mobile phone use and the risk of a malignant brain tumour."
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Extract 2
Quote: "Combined with the growing body of evidence we are seeing in addition to this study, the information available today, on the potential effects of cell phones, gives strong support to the notion that cell phones may affect multiple facets of your brain function, behavior and health in general."
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Extract 3
Quote: "If use of portable technology puts the pedestrian at risk, perhaps the technology can offer a solution. Perhaps, the mobile phone or i-pod could alert pedestrians that they were approaching a crosswalk or that a car is approaching. If so, would the pedestrian notice and heed the warning? Only through the study of these effects of existing and new mobile technologies can users and society have the knowledge needed to prevent such accidents."
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Girl talking on a mobile phone