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Student Learning & Academic Registry

Academic Collaborative Innovation

The Academic Collaborative Innovation team is part of Teesside University's Student Learning & Academic Registry.

The team manages a number of institutional level projects along with nurturing teaching excellence through the coordination of external recognition and promotional pathways in relation to learning and teaching. Working closely with all departments across SLAR to develop and disseminate a broad range of learning and teaching enhancement practices to enhance the quality of the student experience.

The team supports the implementation of Teesside 2025 by promoting innovation in pedagogic practice to enhance the student learning experience with particular emphasis on:

  • Promoting teaching excellence: the promotion of teaching excellence is at the heart of our work within ACI. This includes the development and delivery of CPD sessions relating to innovative pedagogies, regular conferences featuring sector-leading keynote speakers and our Advance HE Accredited Professional Development Framework ( RELT - Recognising Excellence in Learning and Teaching). The team are also regular contributors to LTE Online.
  • Coordinating SLAR projects: the team coordinate SLAR led projects to improve University operations and enhance the experience for staff and students. The team provide mechanisms to define and design projects to find solutions and evaluate their impact.
  • Engagement with TNE partners: the workstream will coordinate University engagement with TNE partners, delivering service excellence in our interface with partners across the globe. Providing an initial landing space for TNE partners we work with departments across the University to serve the needs of our partners.

LTE Online

LTE Online is our online resource which supports the work of SLAR to deliver excellence in learning and teaching and an outstanding student experience.

Information and resources available on LTE Online includes:

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