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Shirley Fenn

I have also taken part in one off roles including the Christmas party for the elderly, decorating the Christmas grotto for the unicorn centre and the Angel Tree delivering Christmas presents to children who have parents in prison.

Shirley Fenn

The roles I am involved are all relevant to Social Work and I want to help people and empower them to help themselves.

Each role is different but most of them involve working with people with mental health issues. A night with the Beacons involves looking after people who are vulnerable either through drink or other issues including mental health and sometimes domestic abuse.

A shift as an appropriate adult in the police station can involve supporting a vulnerable person with mental health issues, learning difficulties or substance misuse through the processes of their rights being read, any samples, photos or fingerprints being taken, interview and with any charges that may have been served on them. Within the Diversion and Resettlement team we can support someone in court or support them with appointments, housing applications, and liaise with other agencies. The welfare role includes doing an assessment and finding out what the needs are of the client, filling in the appropriate forms and supporting the client.

My volunteering as helped me to manage time along with many other skills and that no matter what is happening you must judge a situation, not judge the person. I enjoy all my roles. It is enjoyable meeting different people and having a chat with them which all the roles involve.

My tip for future volunteers would be enjoy what you are doing but remember your studies must come first. I plan to continue within the roles giving my commitment to them and using what I learn in my studies to benefit the groups I work with. My careers adviser was very supportive both with helping me with my personal statement for my placement application and with my application for my plus award.