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Tien Sing Au Yong

I recently graduated in 2014 after studying Accounting and Business Finance. I took part in lots of volunteering opportunities both on and off campus, including a volunteer with the English Language Cafe helping international students.

Tien Sing Au Yong

Most of my volunteering experience has involved projects organisation by Volun-tees. They offered lots of activities which fit around my coursework including healthy eating campaigns, community makeovers and the most recent one a Make A Difference Day at Tees Valley Wildlife Trust. This involved clearing a flooded meadow of reeds for future planting purposes and replacing flooded paths. I was excited because I like outdoor activities a lot, although it was raining and cold.

I've learnt a lot through volunteering. It doesn't matter how much time you can give. Volunteering is priceless, you don't get paid but you receive something more important. I've really enjoyed working with the other students and meeting the staff from Volun-tees and getting involved. I will definitely miss everyone.

My advice for future volunteers would be to enjoy every second of your volunteering, you might not have any opportunity to do it in the future. Do not think your volunteering is not helpful because it is and you are also helping yourself to know more about society.

Whilst volunteering I was nominated and won a Volunteering Award from the Volun-cheers Awards and I was delighted to achieve my Gold Award before I finished my studies in 2014. Now I've graduated I would love to build another similar organisation or project in my home country, Malaysia. The country has lots of people who need help as well as people who want to volunteer.