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Postgraduate programmes

Criminology & Sociology

Our criminology and sociology courses reflect the human fascination with how we live our lives. How do we make sense of the world we live in? How do we understand today's most pressing issues? As a criminologist, you study crime as an individual and social phenomenon and explore criminal behaviour and its social context, crime control, state crime, and criminal and restorative justice. As a sociologist you examine the global and local dynamics of modern social life, including the opportunities and inequalities facing individuals, groups and policymakers. Teesside is an ideal location to study social science. The area has been described as a research laboratory as it has experienced rapid and profound social change. Using our academic expertise, we help you make the links between theory and practice in local, national and international contexts.

  Course title Qualification Full-time  
Criminology MSc Yes View course
Social Research Methods (Criminology) MSc Yes View course
Social Research Methods (Social Policy) MSc Yes View course

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