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Undergraduate programmes

Computing & Cybersecurity

Our computing courses prepare you for a career in a range of industries - from heavy industry to business. They allow you to build the knowledge and skills you need to work in these rapidly changing environments. We understand the importance of working closely with businesses and so our degree routes allow you to enhance your CV through a paid, supervised, one-year placement in industry.

  Course title Qualification Full-time  
Artificial Intelligence BSc (Hons) Yes View course
Computer Science BSc (Hons) Yes View course
Computer Science MComp (Hons) Yes View course
Computing BSc (Hons) Yes View course
Computing and Systems Development HNC Yes View course
Cybersecurity and Networks BSc (Hons) Yes View course
Information Technology BSc (Hons) Yes View course
Software Engineering BSc (Hons) Yes View course

Degree types explained