Happy birthday Teesside University

  • 80 years old and yet still so young... but what a journey so far. From humble roots Teesside has matured into a University with great stature and I am immensely proud to be its Chief Executive. Everything the University has achieved, up to and including becoming the first modern University to ever become national University of the Year, is a tribute to its staff, its students and its partners.

    I can't help feeling that we have only seen the start of the career of our wonderful institution. Happy birthday… and here's to continued success in the future.
    Professor Graham Henderson Professor Graham Henderson
    Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive, Teesside University

  • Happy 80th Birthday Teesside University. We've come a long way together and seen many changes and we're still going strong thanks to fellow staff and colleagues, past and present, without who's hard work and efforts we wouldn't have come this far. Here's to the next 80 years!
    Ana briers
    Senior lecturer digital media and the web

  • My elder sister Kathleen went to the forerunner of Teesside University. I was an office boy at Smiths Dock. I wanted to do the same and told my father. To say he exploded is an understatement. So I became an apprentice electrician for a long hard five years. The rest is legend - running away to London and playwriting.

    Then I received a letter to ask if I would accept an honorary degree from Teesside. I called Kathleen in Canada. 'You!' she said. 'Always the same! I work my socks off and you swan around with a pen for 30 years and get a degree! Happy birthday one and all.
    Wally K Daly Wally K Daly
    Master of Literature

  • 80 years of making people think more, know more, be more - that's something to celebrate. Happy Birthday.
    Author Adele Parks Author Adele Parks
    Teesside University honorary graduate

  • I am proud to be an honorary graduate of Teesside University and wish you well for the future. I regularly cite it as a shining example of what a university should look like in the 21st Century. It is a model in its courses and applied research and a leader in engagement with employers - particularly in co-funded degrees. I can only congratulate and applaud.
    Sir Alan Wilson Sir Alan Wilson
    University College London

  • When we know more we can do more. Here's to another 80 years of inspiring minds. Congratulations Teesside University on your 80th Anniversary.
    Paul Rodgers Paul Rodgers
    Singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist and honorary graduate

  • Congratulations on your 80th anniversary. I was lucky enough to visit in 2008 and was amazed to see the progress since I graduated in 1975. 2010 has been quite a year for you - name change and numerous awards.
    Steve Penrose Steve Penrose
    Honorary graduate

  • Happy 80th Birthday. You are a shining beacon on Teesside and I am very proud to be associated with you.
    Professor Eric Thomas Professor Eric Thomas
    Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bristol and honorary graduate

  • The cheers for Teesside University being named university of the year in 2009 came across the Atlantic - and ours crossed them midway. Bravo. Eighty years young and much to come. Congratulations.
    Sir Harold Evans Sir Harold Evans
    Journalist and publisher

  • Happy Birthday Teesside University from your proudest honorary graduate. You are a fantastic example to the people of our area of what can be achieved with hard work. A real beacon of success and pride for Middlesbrough.
    Rob Smedley Rob Smedley
    Felippe Massa's race engineer and honorary graduate

  • Happy birthday Teesside. I graduated in 2007. During my course my life changed completely. I went from being a nervous young wreck to being confident and outgoing. I have Teesside to thank for this. I visit you occasionally to see what new developments are there and to catch up with my friends - and get some curly fries from the Union.

    I shall always remember Teesside as the place that I grew, a place where my adventure of life truly began and an institution which taught me to believe in myself. Thank you Teesside.
    Ian M. Thompson
    BA (Hons) Creative Digital Media – 2004-2007

  • 80 years of Teesside is a fantastic achievement, and all the more given that you have included people from all sorts of backgrounds, reached out to people who have no family history of education, and created a thriving, buzzing University. I send my good wishes and congratulations. I am so proud of my association with the University.
    Baroness Julia Neuberger, DBE Baroness Julia Neuberger, DBE
    Rabbi and Teesside University honorary graduate

  • I’d like to wish the University a happy 80th birthday. I have worked here for a quarter of that time. It is a great place to work and the University has certainly made its mark on the Tees Valley. Roll on another 80 years.
    Jackie Oliver
    Customer Services Manager, Teesside University library

  • Congratulations and a happy birthday to the University with every good wish for the future.
    Alan Smith Alan Smith
    Former England football team physiotherapist

  • I studied chemical engineering in 1972 but diversified soon afterwards to accounting and business. The polytech, as it used to be then, is always fondly remembered by me, having known many wonderful people – staff and students alike. Long may the university continue to be a shining beacon of knowledge.

    Mohamed I Anwari
    Chemical Engineering student 1972

  • Happy 80th Anniversary Teesside University. 80 years young and lots more good years to come.
    Alan Hinks Alan Hinks
    OBE and honorary graduate

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