The NHC supports the full research lifecycle, from early diagnosis of diseases to delivering treatments to patients faster.

We house a world class research community under our roof, working with the latest cutting-edge technologies and our industry partners to create real-world impact.

Our leading academics work across three core research themes:

  • Disease-specific research
  • Biomanufacturing
  • Digital analytics & machine learning

To find out more about the NHC's core research and how you can get involved, contact our Biosciences Research Director Vikki Rand.

The enthusiasm of the team at NHC, combined with their research capacity and high-level facilities has allowed our group to drive forward a programme of work aimed at developing our understanding of the causes and prognostic features of childhood lymphoma.

We are looking forward to continuing to develop the collaboration, making the most of the skills and facilities available across our two institutions to build a leading UK research group focused on childhood lymphoma research

Dr Simon Bomken, Consultant Paediatric Oncologist at the Great North Children’s Hospital


Our biomanufacturing research encompasses all aspects of biotechnology and analytics, across areas including bioprocessing, biopharmaceuticals and biosensor development.

Here, we aim to develop novel treatments, and optimise existing ones, delivering treatments to patients faster, safer and more affordably.

To find out more about our biomanufacturing research capabilities, please contact Gary Montague or John Mina.

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Disease-specific research

Our disease-specific research team uses cutting-edge technologies to understand the underlying biology of human diseases and pathogens. Our work spans basic, translational and public health research to investigate a range of diseases including Cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Asthma.

With this, we aim to discover diseases earlier and develop novel therapeutic treatments to improve patient outcomes.

Speak with our experts Maria Angeles Juanes Ortiz or Paul Dean, to discover our disease-specific research opportunities.

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Digital analytics & machine learning

Our digital analytics and machine learning research team has expertise in data analysis and interpretation, digital healthcare, artificial intelligence, 3D imaging and virtual reality.

By harnessing data analysis and modelling, we support the discovery, development and delivery of lifechanging medicines.

You can contact Xinzhong Li or Vasilis Lenis to learn more about our research within digital analytics and machine learning.

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