Advanced upstream bioprocessing

  • Duration: 4 days
  • Price: £2,950 + VAT
  • Dates: Tuesday 7 November - Friday 10 November 2023

This 4-day course provides an extensive examination of standard upstream processing operations performed in modern biomanufacturing facilities, with an emphasis on advanced therapies and biopharmaceuticals.

The course will undertake a detailed review of typical unit operations utilised in upstream processing such as cell culture scale-up, adherent vs. suspension cell cultivation methods and bioreactor operations.

Accompanying talks delivered by our expert industry partners will outline current advances in upstream technologies to ensure that delegates receive the most up-to-date knowledge in upstream bioprocessing. Various lab activities using small-scale bioreactors and Wave25TM rockers will demonstrate how these concepts are applied in a biomanufacturing setting.

These practical sessions will also be supplemented with virtual reality exercises to further cement the knowledge gained and allow delegates to gain an insight into the techniques and methods used in manufacture. Training will be conducted in our Centre of Excellence facility housing cutting-edge laboratory instruments and benchtop-scale processing equipment, allowing delegates to gain vital hands-on practical exposure to industry-standard biomanufacturing processes and procedures.

Topics covered:

  • Current biotherapeutic landscape
  • Cell cultivation methods – adherent vs. suspension
  • Cell line development and selection
  • Upstream bioprocessing fundamentals
  • Bioreactor operations
  • Critical quality attributes and manufacturing processes validation
  • Viral vector upstream manufacturing scale-up
  • Process intensification

    Training partners

  • Cytiva
  • Merck
  • Repligen
  • 908devices

Who should attend:

  • Scientists, technical staff, engineers, and managers with at least 3 years’ experience within the biotechnology industry wishing to increase their knowledge of upstream operations in both process development and modern bioprocessing plants.

Course dates

Tuesday 7 November - Friday 10 November 2023

For more information, general enquiries and details of the full agenda, please email CPDNHC@tees.ac.uk

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