Manufacturing Sterile Products

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Price: £1,799 + VAT
  • Dates: Thursday 28th - Friday 29th September 2023

This 2-day course, delivered in partnership with Reading Scientific Services, provides a comprehensive introduction to pharmaceutical cleanroom operations and the regulatory requirements governing them.

Delegates will learn the concepts underpinning sterile product manufacture and gain a thorough understanding of the rigorous regulatory frameworks implemented worldwide in modern biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Lectures covering contamination control, facility design and terminal sterilisation methods as well as practical exercises in aseptic technique, handwashing and environmental monitoring will allow delegates to appreciate the control strategies applied in sterile product manufacture.

Upon course completion, delegates will recognise the significance of manufacturing sterile products to ensure patient safety.

Topics covered:

  • Overview of microorganisms
  • Introduction to sterile products
  • Contamination control strategies (people and materials)
  • Facility and cleanroom design considerations
  • Control of water and utilities
  • Microbiological environmental monitoring
  • Further sterilisation methods

    Training partners

  • RSSL

Who should attend:

  • Personnel working for companies that manufacture sterile products. These include individuals working in quality control (especially environmental monitoring staff), quality assurance, manufacturing operators and support engineers.

Course dates

Thursday 28th - Friday 29th September 2023

For more information, general enquiries and details of the full agenda, please email CPDNHC@tees.ac.uk

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